Wednesday, April 29, 2015

10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Netflix's New Original Series, Bloodline

Every morning, while I get ready for work, I watch an episode of a show on Netflix.  In the past, while doing my hair or makeup, it has been Friends.  And since that show was 10 seasons of awesomeness, that lasted a good few months.  Then I switched to Parenthood (that show is FANTASTIC!) which was just great because it was about family and the various issues that arise as a result of being a part of one, and the many successes and failures that come as a result.  All the while making you feel warm and fuzzy after and each and every episode.

Well, now I'm watching a new show and frankly, it's the opposite of Parenthood, but in a good way!!!  It's so GOOD!  Bloodline is a new Netflix Original Series.  It was released in March and I just started it a couple weeks ago.  While this show does not leave you feeling all "warm and fuzzy" after every episode, it does leave you asking more questions and wanting to learn more about the dark secrets held by each character. The show is about the Rayburn Family and it focuses around events in their past while illustrating how those events have shaped their present, and how the return of the eldest son and token black sheep, Danny, will make them all unravel. Every episode is as good as the last and if you like a good drama series, then Bloodline should be next in your queue of shows to watch.  I like it so much, I compiled a list of 10 reasons why I think you should watch Bloodline, too.

1.  Your favorite guy from Friday Night Lights is on it!:   Kyle Chandler plays John Rayburn, the second child of the Rayburn Family.  If you loved him in Friday Night Lights, you'll love him on Bloodline as John.  He's a hottie…in an older-man kind of way!

2.  An MTV "...stranger, picked to live in a house" is on it!:  Jacinda Barrett plays Diana Rayburn, John's wife.  And if you're a reality television fan, then you will recognize her from MTV's The Real World: London.  (Yes, I realize I just dated myself, since that season was on in the mid 90's, but….whatever).  I loved Jacinda when she was on MTV and I have enjoyed watching her in the various acting jobs she's had, since.

3.  An Academy Award winning actress stars on the show!: Sissy Spacek plays the matriarch of this twisted family, and just like every role she plays, she does an astounding job portraying a mother who has chosen to shield her own eyes in order to avoid reality and avoid the truth.

4.  An Academy Award winning actor and Pulitzer Prize winning author, stars on the show!:  The cast for this show is stacked!  Such great talent starring in every scene!  Sam Shepard plays patriarch, Robert Rayburn and he does such a great job portraying a likable man, that when small truths are revealed, you find it hard to dislike him.

5.  It takes place in the Florida Keys!:  The backdrop for the Rayburn Family drama is crystal clear water, palm trees, boats, and the family inn.  And honestly, that is even better eye candy than Kyle Chandler.  Sorry Kyle!

6.  Model and actress, Chloe Sevigny has a part in this drama…and she's a hot mess!  You'll love it!:  Chloe is known for being a model, actress and fashion designer.  Her character's fashion sense is very trailer-park-chic, so it just brought me great joy to see her looking a hot mess rather than her beautiful, put-together self.  If you loved her in HBO's Big Love, you'll enjoy her in Bloodline.

7.  Every episode seems like an hour-long movie:   Each episode starts off backwards.  They give you the "what", then throughout the episode they illustrate the "how".  It's a fascinating way to develop a story and leaves you wanting more.  Every.  Single.  Time.

8.  You'll love to hate Danny Rayburn!:  Ben Mendelsohn plays Danny Rayburn, the eldest son.  He's the black sheep of the family and he's so good in this role, that you just love to hate him.  You also, feel sorry for him because of the circumstances that have occurred, which have ultimately shaped his life.

9.  Every episode of Bloodline will make you want to go on vacation:  After every episode, I just want to book a room at an inn or B&B in the Keys and just relax.  I've never been to Florida, but I will be going in November and this show makes me glad to know I will be there soon!

10.  There's a Season 2 lined up!:  Feel free to invest interest and time in this show.  It's been picked up for Season 2 in 2016.  While that seems like a long time away, at least you'll be able to watch it over and over until you're blue in the face.  And then, you'll be able to continue the story next year. No worrying about dedicating time to a show that has an uncertain future, here!  Watch happily and confidently!

Let me know what you think!  I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this great, new show!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Training and The Top Baseball Films to Watch on Netflix

Baseball is a pretty important sport in our house.  You see, my husband collects baseball cards.  Yes, the kind that used to come with bubble gum and kids on the playground would trade at school.  However, the cards he collects come in hard plastic cases and no one can touch them.  Every now and then he lets me help him open them when he gets new, unopened packs on eBay, but this act of "romance" on his behalf comes with strict instructions to "…NOT bend the edges!!!"

For my oldest son, baseball is everything.  Specifically, Mike Trout and the Anaheim Angels  (I choose to call them the Anaheim Angels, because their actual name is just ridiculous).  He studies baseball card stats, watches ESPN during Spring Training, and even watches baseball movies and documentaries with his dad. My youngest worships his dad and brother, so he does whatever they do and, well, since that usually involves baseball, that means I have a house full of baseball nuts!  It comes as no surprise then, that for Christmas I bought my husband two tickets to the Angels' Spring Training in Phoenix, AZ, and then I proceeded to invite myself to his Spring Training weekend. Smart move on MY part!  HA!

We had a blast this past weekend in Phoenix.  It was fantastic! We went to an Angels vs. Dodgers game and while the day was a high of 97 degrees, my husband  caught a foul ball, so all was well in the world, after that!  Here are a few pictures of our trip:

To celebrate the fact that Opening Day is just a week away, I thought I'd put together a list of movies and documentaries on Netflix that have gotten my boys through Fall and Winter (aka. the baseball drought), and will certainly keep baseball fans at ease during the off-season.  Happy Watching!!!

1. The Battered Bastards of Baseball
2. The Baseball Chronicles
3. 30 for 30: Four Days in October
4. BASEBALL: A film by Ken Burns
5. The Perfect Game
6. The Bad News Bears
7. A Mile in his Shoes

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My 12 Favorite Romantic, Date-Night Movies on Netflix

You've heard me talk about it a few times here: date nights.  And I've even mentioned day dates.  I often hear friends and co-workers tell me that they don't have dates often enough because they just can't get a sitter or would prefer not to pay a ton of money on a sitter, only to then pay a ton of money on dinner and a movie.

With Netflix, the hubs and I are able to have date nights at home, after the kids go to bed, and way more frequently.  We have the best snacks accompanied with wine (or beer for the mister).  For our snacks, I love going on Pinterest and searching "date night snacks" and attempting to make whatever snacks come up, that seem actually doable and edible.  Lately I've been making specialty popcorns, like one I found that was a delicious Dill & Garlic combination.  There was also a really great chili powder and lemon popcorn, that is actually making my mouth water as I type.  So delicious!  

Once we get the snack situation ready, one of us (we take turns every other time) gets dibs at choosing the movie for that date night.  Naturally, the movies he picks are totally sci-fi, or fast-paced, dramatic thrillers.  My choices typically consist of romantic comedies, or just plain romantic films!  Here are 12 of my favorite romantic, date-night movies, currently streaming on Netflix:

1.  Silver Linings Playbook
2.  One Day
3.  Hitch
4.  Fools Rush In
5.  The Sweetest Thing
6.  Notting Hill

7.  Sliding Doors
8.  Dirty Dancing
9.  Pretty in Pink
10.  Safe Haven
11. Sleepless in Seattle
12.  Legends of the Fall

Currently, my favorite of those movies is Fools Rush In.  I think it reminds me of me and my husband.  Especially the scene where Isabel's family (Salma Hayek's character) takes Alex (Matthew Perry's character) out to the desert and he ends up in cactus and drowning the subsequent pain from that in a bottle of tequila.  The cactus part never happened in our situation, but the crazy cousins giving the hubs too much tequila, certainly did happen, on more than one occasion on our vacations to Mexico City.  

So what movie will you be watching on your next date night in?  What is your snack of choice for movie nights with your honey?  The next snack I will be trying are the bacon wrapped dates?!  They have bacon, so they have to be good….right?!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Friends is on NETFLIX!!!: Friends Trivia

If you haven't yet heard, one of my favorite shows is now on Netflix: FRIENDS!!!!!  All 10 seasons of Friends are now on Netflix.  For the last couple weeks, my mornings (while I do my air and makeup) and my evenings (while I fall asleep in bed) have been consumed with countless hours of Friends awesomeness!

I didn't realize how much I had missed this show until I started watching recently.  The writing was just perfection and the on screen chemistry of the cast was on point.  Numerous nights I have found myself trying desperately to laugh quietly without waking my husband up next to me.  However, I have failed miserably each night!  

I started watching from Season 1 and am currently almost done with Season 4.  When I reach the last episode of Season 10, I will surely cry, then start all over again, because….well, it's Friends.

To celebrate the fact that all 10 seasons of Friends is on Netflix, I thought we'd play some Friends Trivia!  :)  How many answers do you know without googling the answers?

  1. What is the name of Phoebe’s birth mom?
  2. What is Chandler’s middle name?
  3. Why did Ross and Rachel break up?
  4. What’s Monica’s apartment number?
  5. How many sisters does Joey have?
  6. When is Rachel’s birthday?
  7. Tom Selleck played Monica’s boyfriend in Season 2.  What was his character’s name?
  8. What was the name of the band that sang the Friends theme song?
  9. What is the name of Joey’s character on Days of Our Lives?
  10. What name did Phoebe use when pretending to be someone else?
  11. Why did Phoebe miss Ross’s wedding in London?
  12. What addiction did Fun Bobby have?
  13. What is Chandler’s mother’s profession?
  14. When Joey was unable to afford an entire encyclopedia set, he purchased only the volume for which letter?
  15. What color was Monica’s nail, when she lost it in the quiche at her moms party?
My friends, Megan and Wendy from, the Long Story Short YouTube Channel, played their own Friends Trivia.  Here's how they did…..

How did YOU do with my trivia questions? Are you a Friends junkie, too?! 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

GIVEAWAY: All Hail King Julien…this New Year's Eve!

My New Year's Eve celebrations, before kids, used to consist of a late dinner, followed by dessert, followed by a night of dancing and drinking with my cousins at the "it" nigh club of that year, in Mexico City.  We'd get to the club late and leave early… 7am.  And while those says are looooong gone now that I have kids, I must admit, I'm a little glad about that.  There's NO WAY that I could EVER stay up until 7am without falling over in severe exhaustion.  My NYE's now consist of an early dinner, board games and putting the kids to bed, watching my husband asleep on the couch by 8:30pm, and me celebrating NYE alone, while watching the east coast feed at 9pm.

Tonight, I will be changing things up a bit.  After dinner with family,  I'm planning on letting the boys stay up a little past their 8pm bed time, and we'll be hosting our own countdown, just the four of us, with one special guest: King Julien.  The new Netflix animation picture, All Hail King Julien,  will have a special feature today.  King Julien, of Madagascar fame, will host his own three-minute countdown, available for streaming so that kids, too, can enjoy the NYE countdown without having to stay up late to watch the ball drop. Basically, I will be tricking my kids into thinking they're staying up really late and doing what the adults do, but I will control the time the countdown happens.  BRILLIANT idea, if you ask me!  Because there's music and fun included in the countdown, we'll have a mini dance party, cheer with chocolate milk in fancy glasses and eat Oreo's before bed!  I can't wait!! The boys will love it, and I will love the early (but late, for them) bed time on this special occasion.

In fact, I am so excited about this, that I am giving away a 1-year Netlix Streaming subscription!!!  AWESOME, right?!  All you have to do is enter below!!!  What better way to start 2015, than with FREE Netflix Streaming for a whole year?!   {Giveaway ends on 1/3/15 and I will announce the winner on 1/4/15}  Happy New Year, friends!!!!  I hope 2015 is full of happiness and love for you and your families.

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