Friday, September 4, 2009

Marshmallow Treat Pops

These are the best and easiest looking treats for a kids' party, baby shower, bridal shower or just for a nice day with the kiddos. HWTM posted these yesterday and they are PERFECT for any event...just use the colors of your theme!

marshmallow treat pops

Here are the DIY details:
For the Pink Marshmallow Pops:
You’ll need:marshmallows, pink Candy Melts, pink M&M’s (or similar), white nonpareils, lollipop sticks


1. Insert the lollipop sticks into the marshmallows & set aside.
2. Melt the candy in the microwave, according to package instructions.
3. Dip each marshmallow (with stick) into the melted candy, until about ½ of the marshmallow is coated.
4. Sprinkle with nonpareils and top with a pink M&M while candy coating is still warm.

For the Presentation/Display:
You’ll need: craft styrofoam sheet – approx 1″ thick, shallow vase/container (such as the 6.75″ ceramic dish used here), decorative pink ribbon, pink rhinestones (optional)


1. Measure your vase/container, and cut a piece of the styrofoam sheet to match.
2. Place the styrofoam piece in the container. (If the fit is not snug, add smaller pieces of styrofoam to close up any gaps.)
3. Pour pink M&Ms (or other candies) on top of the styrofoam until it’s completely covered.
4. Insert the finished marshmallow pops into the styrofoam, in neat rows.
Shopping Resources:• styrofoam sheets, pink Candy Melts, pink M&Ms, white nonpareils, lollipop sticks, ribbon, & pink rhinestones – ALL from Michaels6.75″ White Ceramic Low Dish – Wholesale Flowers

Thank you, HWTM, for giving us such great ideas!

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  1. OMG Perfect for a baby shower I am attending soon!!!!


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