Sunday, September 20, 2009

Noah's Ark Baby Shower

A friend of mine hosted a baby shower this past Friday. The little guy's name will be Noah, so the baby shower was appropriately themed Noah's Ark. I had so much fun making everything for it these last 3 weeks. I was able to learn a few new things in crafting and Kolini gained a newfound appreciation for all things crafty and even for Michael's. :) We had a great time! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

I made the door sign. It welcomed the guests as they arrived to see Noah's Ark.

The famous Martha Luminarias. I love these! They add splashes of color everywhere!

One of the guests made this yard sign.

The table spread before all of the various dishes arrived . I heard there was A LOT of food!

I made these napkin rings with the Baby Noah monogram. This was my first time making them.
I made the centerpieces with pots, wood/felt animal cutouts and a whole lot of tissue paper! They matched the luminarias and tied everything together.
I made these cupcake toppers as well. They're actually more like appetizer picks since there were no cupcakes at this event. They matched the napkin rings perfectly!
I made 6 different pots. I think they are my favorite centerpieces that I've made thus far. They're right up there with the Minnie Mouse pots.

The tealights were Kolini's idea and I'm sure they looked great once the sun went down. I was unable to stay for the shower but with the tealights and the lampposts, it must have looked perfect!

More luminarias.....of course!!

Kolini had a great idea. She put up a clothesline and hung baby clothes with various animals on them. The mom-to-be was able to take them home for Noah, afterward. Brilliant!

We had these "Welcome Baby Noah" stickers made. The favors were cute and simple. Animal cookies in a small bag tied with a ribbon and an animal sucker. The suckers were Kolini's idea. She found them at Oriental Trading Company. They were PERFECT for this shower.

Another great idea from Kolini. She got animal beach balls at Oriental Trading Company and threw them in her pool to finish off the theme in the event space. They were so cute!

I hope the mom-to-be had a great time. Kolini and I enjoyed planning all the little details. It was great! Welcome Baby Noah!


  1. Love this idea! I'm expecting twins in a few months & my sister is doing the same theme for my shower! I love the cookie favor idea! thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Did you spray paint the pots or how did you get them that color?

  3. @Eli: They sell paint specifically for pots. I bought my pots and the paint at Michael's. It's terracotta paint. It goes on so easily with a 1" sponge brush. Hope this helps. :)

  4. Where did you have the favor stickers made?

  5. I like this concept of signs a and that door sign is awesome idea.All the decoration is out of the world.

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