Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vase Centerpieces

I saw these vases that were centerpieces to HWTM's Pink Party series and thought they'd be perfect to make with any event. You just change the color of the papers! Beautiful!

pink ribbon centerpiece

pink ribbon centerpiece


You’ll Need:
  • Glass cylinder vases in 3 different heights
  • Decorative pink papers in 4-5 different patterns
  • Rhinestone word stickers (optional)¼” pink fabric ribbon
  • Pink Flowers (enough for all 3 vases)
  • Tape & Double-stick tape
  • Scissors or Paper Cutter
Directions:Trim 3 different patterns of paper to a height that matches each of the 3 vases, then wrap each vase completely. Use tape to secure the first edge, then double-stick tape to secure the outer edge of the wrap to create a clean seam.
Next, trim a different, contrasting strip of paper to place on top of the first layer of each vase. The top layer should be anywhere between ¼ – ½ the height of the first layer. Line the edge created between the 2 layers of paper with the light pink ribbon.
Next, add the flowers. We used a small potted pink hydrangea plant for the tall vase and tight bunches of bright pink roses for the shorter vases.
Finally, add the rhinestone word stickers (optional), as well as a small pink ribbon symbol to the top of the tallest vase.

Shopping Resources:Rhinestone word stickers – in-store at Michaels
Pink Ribbon – in-store at Michaels
Pink Scrapbook Papers – Anna Griffin Peyton

Another great DIY craft from HWTM. I love them! :)

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    I got a design style form from you. Thanks for filling it out. Please note that in order to get on my posted schedule you will also need to make the appropriate deposit/payment for the package you have chosen. Let me know if you have questions.
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