Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Official ya'll!!!!

A Cowboy-themed Birthday party it is!! 

As I mentioned in yesterday's posts, I'm starting to plan Caden's 2nd birthday party.  It's not until August, but I need to be prepared and need to keep my eyes peeled for sales and cool things on ebay and etsy.  So we talked last night, and it looks like we're having a Cowboy Round Up!!  My husband, Paul, loves the idea!  We already went ahead and bought a couple things on eBay today.  We got a WANTED poster for pictures and a few stick horsies for the kiddos.

As I have continued to look for ideas, I came across another AMAZING cowboy (cowgirl) party by Susan at Poca Cosas blog.  It's the cutest party.  I will FOR SURE be copying the horsies in the milk can idea.  :)

Thanks for the great ideas Susan!  I enjoy following your blog!  All of you who don't follow her yet definitely SHOULD!!!   :)


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