Monday, January 18, 2010

I've discovered Bakerella!

I know, I know......I'm a little late getting on THIS train. I started my blog last summer and during my party research I have seen the name "Bakerella " countless times!  I kept reading about how it would be a great idea to add Cake Pops to the Amy Atlas inspired dessert tables at parties.  So finally, today, I decided I had to find out what all the fuss was about.....

OH MY GOD!  Cake Pops !  They look sooooo good!  :)  I want to start baking right now!  ((insert screeching car sound here))  Any one who knows me knows I do NOT bake.  I'm the girl that emails great looking dessert recipes to friends so THEY can bake them and I can come over for a taste test.  :) (I did this with my friend Kolini just 2 weeks ago....the HWTM Strawberry Shortcake was AWESOME, by the way!!)

However, Bakerella has inspired me!    For those of you interested in trying it as well, here is the recipe .  Wish me luck, ladies!

These are the original Cake Pops. They look DELICIOUS!!

This is just a sample of the fancy cake pops.  So creative!

***DISCLAIMER: Do not be misled!  My attempt at Cake Pops will most likely NOT look like these! But I will try any way!***

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