Monday, January 11, 2010

Wisely Planned Birthdays: Cowboy/ Western Themes

My son's 2nd birthday is coming up soon......very AUGUST!  :)  I know, I know, it's still a long way away.  However, I need to plan ahead and start crafting for the big event.  I have to search for things on sale now so that the decorations don't end up throwing me over budget.....and so my husband doesn't burst a blood vessel!  :)  I have been debating over a few themes and have ultimately been doing research on those themes to see what ideas I could use for each potential party.

As a result of my searching for party ideas, I have decided I will feature great party ideas here on a weekly basis.  So as my first feature, I have included a couple Cowboy themed parties that I really liked (it's an option for Caden's birthday)! 

The first Cowboy themed party comes from Julie, at the Radmacher Family blog.  She went with a Cowboy Carnival theme and I love it all!  I've included a few pictures, but to see the full post go ahead and check out her original blog post.

I found the next feature through Toni's blog at Design Dazzle.  Meredith at Eisele Family News threw quite a party for her son and it's amazing!  My favorite part is the western town made out of large boxes! So creative!  Check out either of these 2 blogs (or both!) to see details o the party.

Thank you to Toni, Julie and Meredith!

PS. More Western Party ideas HERE, courtesy of Toni at Design Dazzle.


  1. Thank you for the mention Wendy! This was the first birthday party I planned, nearly 4 years ago, and I definitely got the "party bug". It's amazing how big and creative children's parties have become now. Best of luck as you plan for your little guy's party!

  2. Hi, I just threw my son's 3rd cowboy birthday party yesterday. I would love to show you some pictures. How can I send them to you? The party was not as great as the one pictured above, but I think I did an okay job!


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