Thursday, March 4, 2010

Twilight Everywhere!

People that know me know very well that I don't do sci-fi.  I don't do vampires and dragons and any other "silly" movies, books, cartoons, etc that involve themes of fantasy.  I hate it, in fact.  I'm probably the only person on the planet that has never seen a Star Wars movie, or read a Harry Potter book or even read a Twilight book.........((insert screeching car sound here))..........wait........that was until this week.  A few of my friends have tried and tried to get me to read the Twilight books. They are what I would call, "Twi-hards".  They have Twilight shirts (yes, grown women) that they use as pj's, they are on "Team Edward" and they think that pale, pasty skin is SO in right now.  :) {sorry to out you, Kolini!}  I have refused for a looooong time to read these books.

Well, I commute to work every day on the train into Downtown L.A., so I have about 30-40 minutes of reading each way.  I read a lot.  Mostly chick-lit.  Sophie Kinsella, Jodie Picoult, Emily Giffin, etc.  My friend, Megan, let me borrow a ton of books that she was done with.  Amongst them was the Twilight series.  I have read almost all of the books she gave me.  There were about 15 books. The only ones left were the Twilight series.  So I caved and decided to start reading.  My best friend, Jennifer, said she was going to start reading it this week as well.  So I decided I would too, and we could turn it into a mini book club.  I actually had to ask which one was the first book, because I had no clue.

So I started it on Tuesday and am now on Chapter 8.....and I must admit {with great dismay to everything that I believe} that I am really liking it!!!!!!!  I know!  CRAZZZZY!  Hell has officialy frozen over!

Any way, I also found it inevitable to start reading because, Christi at P is for Party, posted a beautiful Twilight wedding photo shoot that someone did.  She featured it just the other day.  The same day I decided to start reading.  Since I knew nothing about Twilight, I wanted to know why this wedding was considered "Twilight themed". Well, for those of you, Twi-hards, look below and you will be able to see what makes it "Twilight".  I just thought it was very pretty and "woodsy" and just rustic and natural.  I loved it!! And then to my surprise this morning, Jen at HWTM, did a feature on the exact same shoot {original post here.}!!!!  So I knew I had to talk about all the Twilight coincidences going on in my life this week!  You can see the final "Twilight coincidence" in my next post after this one.  I loved this one so much I had to give it it's OWN post.  It's just BEAUTIFUL!!!  So keep reading.........

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  1. I was the same way when it came to reading Twilight - and I must admit once I started, I couldn't put the series down. I think it took me a month to finish all 4 books.... I'm obsessed... and can't wait to read them again!


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