Thursday, April 22, 2010

{Wisely Planned} Sex and the City 2 Movie Party!!!

I am LOVING this Sex and the City 2 party.  I recently, (this morning) discovered Jennifer at Second City Soiree and the first thing I saw was this party. {original post here} It's so FAB and so fun!

For those of you that are SATC fans, call your girlfriends for a Girl's Night Out to watch the movie together, then have dinner and bring the SATC2 bling to your living room!  From the decor to the food and after-dinner mints.  It's all perfect for a night with your girlfriends! 

Run, don't walk....and follow Second City won't regret it!  She's so creative!


  1. So Cute! I need to begin planning the sex and the city party that I'm having. What great ideas here!


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