Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Custom Inspiration Board: Black & Yellow Damask Wedding

My brother in law has officially decided on a wedding date.  April 30, 2011  I was talking to his fiance, Annie, today and she didn't seem to have an idea of what she wanted to do, so I offered to create an inspiration board for her.  She told me she has 2 different visions in her head.  One of them is black and yellow, so I naturally thought of damask as well.

I scoured the internet for images that would apply to this color scheme and found numerous ideas. I'm still trying to put the links together, but for now, here are the two boards that resulted. 

***If you're interested in a Custom Inspiration Board, I can make one for you to include full ideas on how to execute the theme and pull together a complete party.  Links to various How-to's and DIY ideas would be included as well, all for $20. Contact me for more information***


  1. I think black and yellow can be SO chic! Can't wait to see this!

  2. I love it....my fiance and I want it but I'm scared it may be too much going on

  3. But you also need something temporary to make people give you a second look and take note of all of the exciting changes you are promoting this time of year outdoor signage


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