Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oreo Cookie Sucker Tutorial! {Finally!!}

I know most of you have seen the chocolate covered Oreo cookie suckers/treats that have made the rounds on the party/creative-mom blogosphere.  I've seen them and drooled over them endlessly.  I even attempted to make them, thinking, "I can do THAT!" 

I tried to make them for a friend's baby shower, in lieu of the oh-so-easy chocolate covered Marshmallow Treats.  However, my attempt brought me broken Oreos, pink chocolate all over my kitchen counter and a sad realization that my Oreo cookie treats looked more like strippers on a pole {they just slid down every time!} than chocolate covered Oreos on a stick!

Fastforward to TODAY!!  In my hunt for cute things for a dessert table for my Mod Safari Baby shower {that my girlfreind's are throwing, but I'm "supervising"} I found this tutorial from How Does She?  I'm sure some of you more kitchen-crafty ladies had already seen this or learned how to make them.  But for those of you like's a little enlightenment!  :)

How cute would these be as Zebra print for my shower?!?!

If you're feeling kitchen-crafty, try these for Halloween!  ADORABLE!!!

Oreo Cookie Mummies

Nutter Butter Ghosts & Mother's Sandwich Tombstones!  {LOVE THEM!!!}

{photos courtesy of How Does She?}


  1. Ha ha strippers on a pole. Good one!
    Thank you so much for the link! Cant wait to try myself!

  2. I've always wondered how you make oreo pops, but never took the time to figure it out! I'm room mom for my son's class this year so bookmarking this for later!!!! The kids will love em : )

  3. So, since I'm making the marshmallow pops, do you want me to attempt these for your shower, too? Or are you saying that you plan to make them??

  4. Well Becky says she's gonna attempt them. But I'll try them for Halloween too! And the Marshmallow Pops are still good! Those can be favors! :)

  5. These look super yummy! I will have to try them for my daughter's end of the year party next week. They look adorable.


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