Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Little Buckeroo turned two: Sneak Peek!!

I'm such a procrastinator.  I'll blame it on my pregnancy.....yeah that's it!  I'm lagging because I'm pregnant! 

My son turned two a couple months ago and I threw a Cowboy Western party for him.  The party was on July 31st and it was such a blast. It's proven by the over 600 pictures that were taken by my best friend and photog, Jennifer Nicole.  Also proven by the fact that my son still thinks that ponies, sheep, chickens and goats will be showing up for him to ride and play with every weekend.  I have to explain to him that it was a one-time thing.  He still doesn't get it. :)

As I prepare some of the photos for a full blown post, here is a little sneak peek:

More pictures coming soon....


  1. Oh my gosh you actually had horses. Wow amazing. everything looks good! :)


  2. OH we just threw my son a Western Party at a local horse farm and it was a blast!! Can't wait to see more of your picutres!!!

  3. Love this party! Just found out about you from your profile on the "Purple Pug." Good to know about you!

  4. i like the way you have decorate the house
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