Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Modern Safari Shower

I have some pretty amazing friends and family!  Not only did they let me be a part of the planning of my baby shower for Baby #2, but they also saved the trash-talk until after they left my house that first day that we had a "baby shower meeting". Why would they trash talk, you ask?  Well, I handed each of them a file folder containing an inspiration board along with various links on where to find certain items necessary for the vision I had in my head.

I know......it's ridiculous to be that controlling that I needed to be involved in the planning of my own shower.....but that's just the way I am.  So to Kolini, Jennifer, Becky, Megan, Monique and my mom, I say.....THANK YOU!  You guys are awesome! You put up with me and my controlling ways, and you listened to my gripes about the rainy weather that came the weekend of the shower.  Despite it not turning out the exact way I envisioned it originally {due to rain},  I think it turned out AH-MAY-ZING!

{Invitations designed by: senojaldesigns}


{The brown & white zebra lanterns were hunted down (literally) and finally found at Pier 1 Imports}

 {Bamboo vases and palms are from Sav-On Crafts}

{Plates are from Polka Dot Design}

{Yes, I made the banner...}

{Giraffe Print flannel fabric was purchased at JoAnn's Fabrics and my mother-in-law made it into runners for me}

{Amazingly delicious cookie bites from Laurie at The Whimsy Cookie Company.  Thanks Laurie!}

{The Cake Pops were scrumptious!  Andes Chocolate coated and
Heath Bar coated...courtesy of Monique at A Blissful Affair}

{Orange Tang and Torani Kiwi Lemonade}

Thanks again girls!

{Photos courtesy of Jennifer Nicole Photography}


  1. OMG, I literally LOL, reading your post. You sound like ME! Ask my sister how the planning of my bachelorette AND baby #3 shower party went! Hehe..... Oh and I can't forget my 30th birthday party.....Planned most it myself too! Eh, it's our inner party planner, we can't help it :) You did an amazing job! I love those lanterns!!

  2. WOW! Love this theme and all the details are amazing! Thanks for sharing!!!!


  3. SO great and I love that you were involved in it!!

  4. It was a great shower! Loved the dessert table of course!

  5. Love it! Love that you used Laurie, who I absolutely adore!! Great color scheme! For my jungle Book party, I almost called the juice..."Orangatang!" LOL.

  6. What a great shower! Love all the different animals prints, especially the lanterns! fun!!

  7. This shower is awesome! I've always been in love with animal prints and the green goes great with them!


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