Monday, January 17, 2011

Valentine's Day Craft: Lace Framed Picture

I was looking for a cute Valentine's Day gift that I can make myself.  Money will definitely be tight very soon.  I'm having Baby #2 this Friday and all gifts will virtually become non-existent come January 21st.

I know that my best friend, Jennifer, will be the official baby photographer when the baby comes and she did mention doing a Valentine's Day picture using an adorable prop she found on etsy, so I found it only appropriate to look for a cute picture frame craft to do for Valentine's Day for The Husband.  Normally, we don't do gifts.  I think it's a silly made up Hallmark holiday, however, he's been nothing but amazing throughout this pregnancy and is a pretty incredible Dad, so I think a sweet picture of the new little man will be a sweet gift to give him to let him know I appreciate him and to let him know I love the way he loves our family.

The craft is this very pretty picture frame with lace accent to liven the baby picture inside.  It's a Martha Stewart Craft and the very easy instructions can be found here:

Lace Picture Frame Mat

To add a Valentine's Day touch, you can take a picture of your kids wearing either this for little boys:

Limited Edition - Little Guy VALENTINE Heartbreaker Necktie Tie - (2T - 4T) - Baby Boy Toddler
{etsy store: petitepeanut}

There are a million adorable options for little girls, of course!  That's my gripe about having boys.  Girl things are always so much cuter, so naturally, pettiskirts and hats are also a very cute option for this Valentine's Day idea.  These two are just too cute!

ALL NEW - Fancy Nancy Inspired Dress Up Tutu - Sizes Newborn up to 6 - Includes Headband and Tiarra - Customizable Colors - Great for Valentines Day Parties
{etsy store: paisleyandposies}

{etsy store: AmberMichelleWilson}

Hope you all have a great time crafting for your loves on this Valentine's Day.....and if you decide to have a little photo shoot with your kids, I'd LOVE to see the results!

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