Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cake Pops with a Twist

I think by now we've all seen them.  Cake Pops!  They're all the rage right now.  And even if you just recently joined the party blogging world you've probably seen them by now at none other than.....Starbucks!  Yup!  Starbucks has recently started selling cake pops.  I won't say they are AH-MAY-ZING, but they're decent.  They were a little too raw for my taste.  I like them more cake-y and less raw-dough-y {did that make sense?}.  But they're cake pops nonetheless. We've seen Cake Pops on every dessert table and party, also.  They are just too delicious and cute not to include in the dessert buffets of parties everywhere.  However, some of us are not too good with an oven.......((clears throat)).  I'm a terrible baker!  I end up ruining everything I bake, so I rarely bother.  I let my husband do the baking around here!

As I surfed around some new blogs I came across Hank + Hunt.  I'd heard of Jenny's blog before but never visited.....and let me tell you....I'm so glad I came across it today!!!  The first post I read was her take on Cake Pops.  She calls them Frosting Bombs or Icing on a Stick.  They look just like Cake Pops but there's no baking involved....AT ALL!!!  And there's also no's all frosting, baby {and some yummy chocolate too!}!  

You MUST check out her blog for all things that are party chic and stylish.  She's quite a party-talented lady....and seemingly, a dessert-talented lady as well!  Check these out! {Go to her blog for the full recipe}

{photos courtesy of Jenny at Hank + Hunt}

I'd love to see the results if any of you decide to make these.  I think I just may try these myself!

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