Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Going Bananas over a Pink Mod Monkey Birthday Bash!!

This party feature is a special one to me because it's the party of one of my best friend's daughter,  Jaylynn.  She turned two this month and it was quite a wildly sweet party.  You may recall, Jaylynn's 1st birthday last year..... a Big Top Circus blow out!  That was quite a party for a one year old and both kids and adults alike had a great time!  Well, birthday #2 could not be any less fabulous as the first.  My friend, Kelley, wanted a Pink Mod Monkey Party that wouldn't be as "over the top" as the first birthday.  However, I think the party was beyond fabulous and "over the top" in a sweet and girly kind of way.  Her friend, Zaali, of Z Magnifique, did the styling of this little affair, and she did a great job!  Whimsy & Wise {shameless plug} provided the paper decor.

I hope you all love the pictures below just as much as my family and I enjoyed being at the actual event.  My little monkey had a great time raiding the cupcake stand and the Banana Split table!  :)

The Decor

The Sweets Table

The Banana Split Bar

Photo Booth

{The pink pail contained hand made monkey ears that kids could clip to their hair, along with pink flowers for the girls}

Cupcakes Galore

Kelley, thanks for letting me feature Jaylynn's 2nd birthday!  It was fabulous!  !


  1. Super cute party! I love those centerpieces!

  2. Such adorable monkey details all over! Love the tented area where the party tables were set up (the alternating table cloth colors really pop!). Almost gives it a greenhouse look--both sunny and shaded at the same time.

  3. how did you make the centepieces ?? The monkey did you print it out or nade it from scratch??

  4. Hi I love this theme. We are planning our first birthday party so excited. I was wondering if you could tell me how you made the centerpieces. Thanks in adavance, can't wait to hear back from you!

  5. I love this idea, we had the pink mod monkey for my baby shower and are using it for her 1st birthday. How did you do the monkey ears?

  6. I am doing my daughter first birthday and I will like to know how you did the centerpieces?


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