Thursday, May 26, 2011

Graduation Cap Cup Treats

It’s officially graduation season!! Many of you will be celebrating graduations this Grad season and I’m right there with all of you!  My sister, Janice, is graduating from Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Aviation Management.  The girl wants to be a pilot and myself and our family could not be prouder of her!  She flies small planes right now as she practices to get her pilot’s license. I can’t promise that I’ll get in a plane with her, just because the notion of having a relative fly the plane I’m on kind of freaks me out.  But nonetheless, the girl will be a “pilot and not the flight attendant”, as she likes to say.

As a result of her amazing dedication to her flight career choice, we will be having a graduation party for her next month.  Normally, when I plan parties I do research for MONTHS before the event date.  However, in this case, my mom and I didn’t finalize anything until recently and now I’m scouring the internet for graduation party ideas.  Ideally, I’d like to incorporate a flight/airplane theme to this shindig, but I have yet to find anything inspiring.  ANY IDEAS would be greatly appreciated!  I need help!!!!  Anyhow, I did come across these sweet Graduation Cap Cup Treats by Bakerella.  I think I will have to make some for the dessert table. Enjoy!!

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