Friday, May 13, 2011

Marshmallow Apple Treats

I'm SOOO late on the Teacher Appreciation Week posts, but I wanted to post this anyway, because I know I will want to reference it again next year during this time.  I came across these last year via Andrea at {Dolce Drive} and I fell in love.  I made a mental bookmark for when my little man had teachers that I could actually make these for. Andrea's tutorial is just perfect and well illustrated.

These Apple Treats are just perfect little treats to give to a teacher....and they are such a hit!  I even thought that they can be placed on a dessert table for kids parties: a Princess Party, a Snow White Party, an Apple of My Eye Party and even a Wizard of Oz party.  Not only are they cute, they are delicious and SO easy to make!  Chocolate covered, sprinkled, marshmallowy goodness!

Here are {really bad} pictures of the apples I made for the teachers at my son's preschool.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a good image other than with my BlackBerry, but here they are, nonetheless. Please disregard the pans on the stove and the mess on the kitchen table {obvious signs that our family is outgrowing this house; we have LIMITED counter space!}  Maybe one of you can try them and send me YOUR images!

Thank you, Andrea, for letting me share these!

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  1. Oh, these look so tempting! I'm sure this will get bookmarked by your blog followers for next Teacher Appreciation Week!


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