Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer Recap: Didn't fly away, but had a great time any way!!

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Many of you may have spent the summer jetting off to some tropical place like Hawaii or sailing away on one of those insanely popular Disney Cruises or even eating your way through the Italian countryside. Am I jealous?? Heck yeah!!! However, my summer was a little more understated this year, due mainly to the fact that we had our second son in January and with new children come more expenses. 

Aside from planning a few parties for friends and clients here and there {because that's what I do} I spent a lot of family time trying to make the most of our summer. Our oldest is 3 years old now, so we had to find ways to entertain him as best we could. He’s old enough to tell us when he’s bored and when he’s ‘having SOOO much fun!” 

This summer we made a conscious decision to take a few “stay-cations” or go on fun family outings that didn’t involve spending too much money, but still enough to buy us a great time. We started off by investing on an annual pass to the San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park.  If there's one thing our kid loves, it's ANIMALS!!!

Then, The Husband surprised me with a Disneyland Resort Annual Passport for Mother's Day.  So I counter-surprised him with the same gift for Father's Day.  Not HIS ideal gift on Father's Day, but perfect nonetheless, for us all to go as a family.  So naturally, our next summer stop (and every weekend since then) was Disneyland. {"We're goin' to Disneyland!!}

We also had a summer full of firsts!  It was exciting to take Caden to his first Major League Baseball game!  He had such a blast at the Angels game!!!

We also took him to his first movie theater experience....Cars 2 was the movie of choice.  He couldn't have been more thrilled about the "really BIG TV!!!"

First time at the Circus {Barnum & Bailey's at The Staples Center}.  I don't know if we'll be able to beat this experience again, as we got lucky and saw it in an executive suite {FREE, of course!} stocked with food, drinks and an AH-MAY-ZING dessert cart!!

And finally....his first concert!!!  We were invited, by one of my best friends, to join her and her family to see the Barney & Friends show.  Caden LOVED it!!

Our summer didn't go without attending BBQ's and family parties {posts about those to come soon...including Caden's last-minute Race Bar 3rd Birthday Party}.  

It's been a stupendously FUN summer and as we bring it to a close, we have come to  understand the our new family of 4 doesn't need fancy vacations to have a great time together 
{although we will not turn them down when they come again!}

Hope everyone's summer has been just as great. Let's finish it off with a bang!  :) Keep your family safe, love one another and keep on partying!

{We may now return to our regularly scheduled PARTY blog!!}

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful summer! Love Caden's baseball sign. Too cute! We had stay-cation as well and our family was totally ok with it. I'm working on my summer post!

  2. All those "firsts" are so precious! Wonderful how you made each one so special for your son. :-)


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