Thursday, October 6, 2011

Christening Theme #3: Rustic Burlap Baptism

I enlisted your help a few days ago in order to help me choose a birthday/baptism combo party for my youngest son, Noah.   So far you've seen the Little Guy in a Tie theme and the bright and whimsy Birdie theme.  For the third theme, I'm considering a more rustic approach.  This theme would be better suited for a baptism, however, it can easily set the tone for a sweet first birthday party.

Although I didn't find one specific party, I thought a compilation of photo ideas would work to get the theme idea across.

Right now, I think I'm teetering between the Little Guy in a Tie and this Rustic Burlap theme.  All opinions are welcomed and deeply needed.  

Thanks party peeps!!

{This first series of pictures may look familiar.  They're from my friend's sister's baby shower which I featured over a year ago; "How Tweet It Is"}

{This next series is merely a compilation of images}

{photo via Our Creative Life}

{photo via The Passionate Home}

{photo via Push Pin Revolution}

{photo via Our Creative Life}

{photo via Oh So Beautiful Paper}

{easy shop: funkyshique}

{photo via Our Creative Life}

{photo via The Celebration Shoppe}

{photo via Design Decor Staging}

{photo via Southern Grace}

Like I said, all votes and opinions are encouraged and welcomed.  Obviously, I'm all over the place with ideas.  I need to narrow it down!   H....E....L....P!!


  1. I sympathize with the "choosing" challenge...burlap does have a charm all its own!

  2. I love the Little Guy in a Tie color scheme :) It seems the perfect amount of "baby sweet!" Good luck!!

  3. I love the all the you put them up. I was looking for ideas for my kids Christening and was looking for something for a girl and boy an this is just perfect. I will love to see more pics if you have.


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