Friday, October 14, 2011

{OC Blogger Bash 2011} Mad woMen

I was born in the 80's, a time when side ponytails, neon clothes and LA Gear's were all the rage.  A time when MC Hammer pants, mismatched socks {a la Punky Brewster} and big scrunchies invaded the American fashion sense.

So, it's no wonder that when the Anaheim Orange County Tourist Visitor & Convention Bureau announced the 1st annual OC BLOGGER BASH as MADMEN themed, I became excited to dress the part!

Quickly, I scoured Google for the best fashion ideas for that era.  I soon realized I had the PERFECT dress in my closet!  An  H&M black, A-line cocktail dress I purchased over 5 years ago for my company Christmas Party.  It was spaghetti strapped, so a sophisticated small cardigan would have to go over it in order to make it 1960's appropriate.  I had the perfect sweater in my closet!  Ding ding ding ding ding!!!!  Fashion jackpot!! {At least, for me it was!}  I may not have been "Best Dressed" that night, but I was so excited to look the part of a Mad Men cast member and not have to spend a cent to achieve it!  {My husband was thrilled, too!}

The Bash was so much fun!!! I went with Megan of the Mamabub blog.  {She and I are friends and we sort of push each other to attend all these blog events that sometimes we may be too shy to show up to.}  As soon as we got there we were greeted by the step & repeat/ red carpet entry that celebrities encounter at movie naturally, we stopped and posed!!

I truly had such a great time!  And it didn't hurt that there were upside down pineapple cakes {flambéed on the spot!}, bottled Pepsi's, popcorn, milkshakes, red vines, sliders and fondue!  We were in food heaven!  Oh...and I forgot to mention the fact that we got two drink tickets each, so, free cocktails tasted even more fabulous!

Megan and I "snacking"

After Megan and I had our sliders and Pepsi's we hurried over to The Photo Booth Pro to capture a complimentary image of our silliness in front of various OC landmarks and locations. {Don't judge us.}

As we headed back to get some more "snacks" we ran into a bloggy friend of Megan's {and now friend of mine}, Wendy Nielsen of Wendy Will Blog, who introduced us to her friend Maegan of Beyond the Bandaids!!  HA!  So, the Me/aegan's and the Wendy's proceeded to take their own photo session of silliness.  Again....don't judge us.  We were a bunch of moms out "late" and not having to herd kids into bed that evening.  :)

Bloggers also had the opportunity to win over 50 prizes.  We got raffle tickets at the door and they also did fun giveaways like "The first six ladies wearing a black dress need to come up right NOW!" {That's how I won a Spa Massage and a Spa mani/pedi at the Hilton Anaheim.}

{Me and my fellow bloggers winning our various prizes!}

Finally, we were all treated to a pretty neat fashion show.  We watched them strut down the escalator in their 1960's best, courtesy of Queen of Heartz.  All the ladies in that room stood their picking out their favorite designs.  It was quite fun!

You might be wondering why Snoopy was there.  Well, Knott's Berry Farm is in Buena Park {Orange County} and Snoopy showed up to tell us that we ALL would be getting two tickets to the park in our evening swag bags.  Naturally, being the gift-hoarders that we are, we all went nuts!  I don't know if it was the two free tickets that did it or the knowledge that there was a swag bag! Nonetheless, we all ran off with some great prizes, a good time and a few hours to mingle with our blog colleagues, twitter friends or the ladies our husbands like to call our "pretend friends".

I hope the OC Blogger Bash becomes an annual event. I had a blast! Thanks to the Anaheim Orange County Tourist Visitor and Convention Bureau for putting it on!  The ladies involved in the planning of it did a marvelous job!

{Photos courtesy of my Blackberry, the Mamabub Blog and the OC Blogger Bash Facebook page}

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  1. Blogger Bash sounds fun! I love the 60's style and I would love to dress like that all the time!


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