Monday, October 3, 2011

With a Little Help From My Friends....

"I'm organized.  I'm detailed. I plan parties a year in advance."
That's what I used to say not too long ago, however, somehow, I have managed to let 8 months go by since my second son's birth and there's no planning in sight for his 1st birthday.  I swore I wouldn't be the kind of parent that made a fuss over their 1st kid's first birthday, first steps, first tooth, first anything and then do nothing for the 2nd kid.  That being said, I realized just a few weeks ago, that I'd yet to start planning my 2nd son's baptism, let alone his first birthday; then I panicked!! I AM that parent!  

At this point I feel like it would be too much {money, time, energy, money, shopping, MONEY} to plan the kind of baptism I'd like to have, without cutting into the birthday budget.  So, I've convinced myself {and my husband....although that wasn't a difficult task} that it's best to have a baptism-birthday combo party.  I know, I's anti-everything we party girls strive for.  We look for any excuse to throw a party.  We have Clothing Swap Parties, Housewarming Parties, Murder Mystery Parties, Royal Wedding Parties, Divorce Parties and even Grandma-Sneezed Parties {just kidding!} We love parties!!  But, although I'd be avoiding throwing a 2nd party, it's got to be done!  For everyone's sanity, including my own, we'll be having a combo party.

Now comes the hard part.  What theme should it be?!  I need help from YOU. I need suggestions.  I want something that isn't too-birthday themed and neither too-christening themed.  Does that make sense?! I just want it to be cute, simple and a sweet theme to help celebrate BOTH events. A birthday and a Baptism/Christening.  So, on that note, I need help!  I'll be posting theme ideas I find and all I ask is that you all help me pick the perfect theme to illustrate the two events we need to celebrate.

 Thank you in advance party lovers!

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  1. I see nothing wrong with having a combo party (us Mexican's do it ALL the time, LOL). They baptize their kid in the morning and have the party/bday party in the evening. And don't feel bad about that, cause if their is something wrong with it, then I'll feel bad too! Ha! As a mother of 3, let me just say that it's very easy to put all your focus on one child, once you have to split your attention and time, it isn't as easy to do things "perfect", like you hoped. I have that war going on in my head all the time. Can't wait to see what ideas you have, I'm sure whatever you do will be done with love and that's all that matters.


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