Friday, January 6, 2012

Rock-A-Bye Baby Shower: Baby Brixton

My bestie is having a baby!!!  YUP!! A real life, rosy cheeked, soft skinned baby boy!! You might remember she's the photographer that's done all my Christmas card pictures {here and here} and my maternity session {here} Well, now she's having her own baby and I am SO excited.  She's due in less than a month.  Ironically, it's almost exactly one year to the day that I gave birth to my son.  Thus, it's a given that our little guys will be best friends, just like their mommies!

When we started planning Jennifer's shower she kept saying, "I don't want a theme!  I don't want anything too "baby" in the shower! I want it to be a cool shower."  But being the "party-passionate" girl that I am, I knew immediately that having no theme is just plain IMPOSSIBLE.  Even if you have a color scheme, the theme is still the colors.....and eventually, you end up adding some baby elements to make it just the right amount of "baby" for the mom-to-be.  In Jennifer's case, she quickly realized she loved the Rock & Roll themed baby shower idea.  It was cool, hip and not at all your typical baby shower theme.  she must have had a crazy pregnancy dream with teddy bears, sheep and bunnies taunting her, which scared her straight out of anything remotely baby-looking. The colors she wanted were red, gray, black and white; perfect Rock & Roll colors!  After that, we "rolled" with it and everything fell into place....

{These were AMAZING! There was a whole Oreo
cookie at the bottom. And notice the small Oreo
on top placed to look like a vinyl record!}

{Beautiful Mama}

Party Design: Whimsy & Wise
Rentals: Create-A-Party Rentals
Houndstooth Fabric: JoAnn's Fabric
Party Styling: Whimsy & Wise/ A Blissful Affair
Paper Goods: Whimsy & Wise
Graphic Design on Tags: etsy shop- Itsy Belle
Invitation: etsy shop- Roxter Designs
Cake Pops: A Blissful Affair
Marshmallow Pops: Whimsy & Wise
Pretzel Sticks: Jamero Delights
Cupcakes: Babycakes
Cupcake Tower {handmade}: Alex Fazio
Photography: Jennifer Nicole Photography


  1. This shower looks amazing!! You did such a fantastic job on everything from the invitation and decor to the tablescape. Very inspiring and may I add it is nice to see something other than the usual themes out there for baby showers.

  2. SO Cute! I love the record stands! I have not seen any that tall before! Love it!

  3. Holy crap that is amazing. AMAZING!!!!

  4. Great how you rocked an unusual color palette for a baby shower! Love the vinyl records, too!

  5. Red color is the main strength of this shower.I like those red candies.

  6. can you tell me how to do the record stand???!! i have records out waiting for me to make them into cupcake stand but have nooooooo idea how to do it!!

  7. Any tutorial available on the record cupcake stands? We are planning our baby shower for the spring and have already picked out names based on our favorite musicians. This would be perfect for the themed shower!

  8. Love the black and red theme. Tasteful but rockin'! Just went to a similar themed friend's shower and they gave out ROCKABET picture books to each family attending. Cute baby gift too!

  9. They decided not to find out the sex of their baby, so we wanted to have a gender neutral theme for the shower. I had noticed that the mom-to-be had favorited many owl-related baby and nursery items on Etsy so that seemed like it would be the perfect theme! bestshowerheads


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