Wednesday, October 31, 2012

{DIY Costume & UP Costume Tutorial} Happy Halloween!!!

Can you believe it's Halloween?! I can't! I feel like we just celebrated Easter and now we've rushed through our summer and have landed on Halloween. It's probably because of the ridiculously long summer we've had here in southern California. I'm certainly not rubbing it in for those of you in other states who actually have SEASONS.

We have had temperatures over 85 degrees since May! At this point, it's November; ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! A chilly Halloween with the need for hot chocolate would have been greatly appreciated. Instead we walked around with sangria in black Solo cups. {don't judge me!} That's the same, right?! 

So what were your kids dressed as for Halloween? My oldest son, Caden, was Spider-Man.  My mom bought him the costume last month and he LOVED the fact that it had "muscles like daddy's", so I didn't really get to pick for him this year. I was glad he loved his costume though. He bounced around the house pretending to shoot his web-shooters! My little guy, Noah, was Carl Fredricksen from the Disney-Pixar movie, "UP". The reason I chose this costume for him was because my mom had bought him a scarecrow costume, which he was not fond of in the least. He wanted nothing to do with the hat or the outfit. So I quickly realized I needed to give him a costume which he wouldn't be able to tell was a costume. I went through some of his clothes and was uninspired. Then, I went through Caden's old baby clothes and found a brown suit he wore one Thanksgiving. PERFECT he could be an old man!!! My very own Benjamin Button! But I wanted it to be cute, too. So I decided to add the balloons and the walker to make Mr. Carl Fredricksen. Here is my last-minute DIY costume for my toddler.

And guess what? You can do it too! :) Just find an old, baby dress suit. You know, the ones your kid wears only once for Thanksgiving or Christmas and then quickly grows out of. Take any old "holiday suit", slap on a bow tie or a clip-on tie {our bow tie was on-sale at The Children's Place and I bought it for our family pictures this year}, then, make a quick walker out of PVC Pipe. For that, you will need:

{PVC Pipe- Walker Tutorial for UP movie Character}

1.) {Four} 2 ft. pre-cut, 3/4" PVC pipes
2.) {Two} 90 degree elbows, 3/4"
3.) {Two} 90 degree slip x slip with taped side outlet
4.) {Four} Tennis Balls

*You will then cut all {four} PVC pipes at 14".

*You will use the {four} 10" left over for the front and side parts of the walker. (You will have ONE 10" piece left over)

*Insert the elbows you purchased, at the corners of the walker. The total cost was about $12 for all the PVC pipe and the fittings.

For the photo-op and trick or treating, I got 10 balloons and tied them to his belt loop so they would stay behind him at all times.

 Hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween tonight!  I know we did!


  1. Your redesign is up!It looks great!

  2. Blog looks good! Glad I got to celebrate the 2012 Halloween with you, our crazy kids, and our mommy juice! Noah looked awesome :)

  3. LOVE THE SIGNATURE!!!! And of course his costume!! :) xo

  4. Love the new blog design, and youre now officially my personal costume designer for Johnny, he too wants nothing to do with store bought costumes :/ ... need to start thinking about potential costumes for next year. Noah's costume was by FAR the cutest costume!! Loved it!


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