Monday, February 4, 2013

{World Cancer Day} Who do YOU Stand Up For?

I wish we lived in a world where cancer had an absolute cure. A place where I didn’t have to fear getting my yearly physical, for panic of finding cervical cancer, breast cancer or any other disease containing that nasty word. A place where I would never have to worry about the possibility of cancer harming my children. Let it be known that every time one of my kids complains about a headache or a stomachache my immediate thought is, “I hope it goes away. I hope it’s not ‘something bad’.” For me, that “something bad” is cancer. I fear it. I fear it immensely. I’ve participated in the CHOC Walk, a fundraiser benefiting the Children’s Hospital of Orange County, and have seen kids affected by this disease. I’ve known “friends of friends” whose children have had rare forms of cancer that have taken their lives. And most recently our family lost one of the gentlest, sweetest and most generous people; my uncle Javier. After almost 8 years of battling this awful disease, he succumbed to it in April. His motto was “I will never give up” and if there is anything I know for sure, it is that in fact, he didn’t give up. Until the day he passed away he believed he would get better.

It is because of him and all of the reasons I mentioned above, that today, on World Cancer Day, I Stand Up for my uncle, Javier Servin. Because through his battle he taught all of us that even in times of uncertainty there is hope.

I was inspired to write this post thanks to my bloggy friend, Wendy Nielsen.  I was too late to participate in her World Cancer Day post, but I still wanted everyone to know who I stand up for.

Today, on World Cancer Day, who do you stand up for? Download your own sign here and tell us about it!
#istandupfor (@StandUpToCancer)

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