Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Land of Nod Store is Now Open and it's Awesome!

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Land of Nod, but all my opinions are my own. #PMedia #NODinCA

The Land of Nod celebrated their Grand Opening on May 31st at South Coast Plaza here in Orange County. I know, I know.  You saw me Instagram, Facebook and blog about it, so you get the picture.  However, I can’t stress enough how freakin’ awesome this store truly is.  (And yes, I just used “freakin’” in a sentence.)   I was lucky enough to be invited to a pre-opening party the night before their big day.  It was nice to see all the merchandise they offered, as I had previously only seen them via catalogs or online.  Being there in person sealed the deal for me.  There was no way I was walking out of there without a few things.    

The Land of Nod is multi-purpose!  What do I mean by that?  Well, if you're looking to buy party props for example, The Land of Nod has the cutest set of suitcases to decorate any dessert table or candy buffet.  If you’re not planning a party and just want something cute for your home office or the kids’ bedroom these are perfect, too.  Look how stylish they are, and they’re only $19.95 for a set of three!  I mean!!!!!

Do you need storage solutions?!  They’ve got those too!!!  Yup!  Check out this colorful variety of storage baskets for any room in your home!  The prices are incredibly reasonable.

Want to redecorate your child’s room?  They have the most stylish bedding I’ve ever seen!  Seriously, people!  It’s cute!

Need help displaying your children’s art work?  How about these?!  They are so perfect!  And they are bigger than they look, so it won’t appear as if you just slapped some binder clips on your wall.  These bad boys actually screw in to your wall and help you neatly display art work that the littles bring home.  I flipped out over these.  I have a pile of art work in my kitchen that I feel terrible not displaying, but with these clips, I can rotate the art work and still make it look neat.

The Land of Nod store also has some really great books, puzzles and toys.  I bought this Spanish Bingo game to help my kids learn the language.  My mom is horrified that my kids hardly speak Spanish (I’m Mexican and speak Spanish fluently) so I’m hoping this game will help me teach my boys some basic Spanish words (or at least get my mom off my back for a little while).

Another favorite item I got was this Baseball podium.  I thought it was perfect for any boy or girl who gets the game ball in little league.  Awesome, right?!  Ours is already being put to use in my boys’ room, however, we’ve got a whiffle ball on it.


The furniture available at The Land of Nod is pretty fantastic, too.  If you’re looking for new cribs or beds for your littles, you should consider checking out the ones at the new South Coast Plaza store.  And can we please talk about all the art work available to decorate their rooms?  So cute!  And just look at this “W” I got for our living room.  I’m planning to work on a gallery wall in our living room this summer, so the “W” (which cost just $3.95) will be a perfect addition to that wall.

Living so close to this store might be dangerous to my bank account.  My husband already asked me not to go without him.  And although he, too, was impressed by my purchases, he’d mainly like to tag along next time to avoid me overspending.  Oh, he’s no fun!  That’s OK, my girlfriends get me.  A few of them were so enticed by my Instagram pictures from the preview event, that they went the very next day to buy some of their favorite things!

If you don’t live close to The Land of Nod, don’t fret!  You can find everything on their website!  And if you have any doubts about just how cool this store is, check out the #NODinCA hashtag.  You can see a ton of other items that bloggers and shoppers have fallen in love with.  If you'd like to ask me any questions regarding any of the items I mentioned or may have seen, please feel free to ask me!  I stand by what I said:  This store is freakin’ awesome!

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  1. Those suitcases are the best! We have the yellow/gray one.


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