Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Rancho Las Palmas Resort: More than just another stay-cation

*A media rate was provided by Rancho Las Palmas Resort, however, all opinions are entirely genuine and my own.*

My best girlfriends and I knew we wanted to go to Palm Springs for a Mommies Only getaway recently, and while we had all been there before, we all discussed not knowing a good place to stay where the pool didn't seem like a wanna-be imitation of Spring Break 2003. We were looking for somewhere to relax, kid-free. A place to just be able to do absolutely nothing; no diaper changes, no temper tantrums, no sunscreen lather ups every 80 minutes and no cutting meals into small bites. We just wanted a place to go with the freedom to do nothing...and to do it all day long.

I scoured the internet for a resort that catered to adults looking to enjoy a nice weekend of solid relaxation. Every keyword I entered seemed to bring up the same search result: The Rancho Las Palmas Resort in Rancho Mirage, California. And let me tell you, our Mommies Only getaway was the best 3 days we've all spent, in a really long time.

From the minute we walked in we were treated like Duchess Kate at a public event (minus, the handsome Prince, of course!). Every person we came across, from the doorman, to the clerk at the front desk, to the gentlemen that helped us with our bags to our rooms; they were hospitable, helpful and incredibly friendly. Then, we made it to our rooms and were greeted by a couple bottles of champagne and some delicious chocolate covered strawberries. What mom doesn’t love that when they’re on vacation?!

We were fortunate enough to be upgraded to an Executive Suite and we had an additional two rooms, all with adjoining doors, which allowed us to move freely between the three rooms without having to go outside. It also allowed us to act like tween girls at a sleepover every night. I thought the adjoining rooms were a perfect feature for guests in large groups and especially perfect for families. Our rooms donned large balconies that overlooked the golf course and its lake, as well as their iconic and perfectly crooked palm trees, which are emblazoned on the RLP logo. Their newly remodeled bathrooms were also a nice sight, as they seemed more like bathrooms in a nice home, than the standard bathrooms found in your average hotel. What hotel have you seen that has a gorgeous, roll-away barn door to close the bathroom?! I fell in love with that door! (If you follow me on Pinterest, be prepared to see numerous pins of DIY Barn Door ideas! I’m warning you now.)

Our stay at Rancho Las Palmas was truly amazing. We must have said, “This place is so {freakin’} awesome!” at least 15 times each during our stay. We ate great breakfasts and lunches at both the bluEmber restaurant and the Palms Café on site. bluEmber is more of a formal and sophisticated restaurant with a full menu to enojy in their cool and contemporary dining area. The Palms Café is more of a to-go eatery and features various items, such as bagels, yogurts, Starbucks drinks, wraps, salads, burgers and sandwiches that can be ordered and taken elsewhere. Their food might be comparable to that of a to-go establishment, but the taste certainly is not! I enjoyed their Chinese Chicken Salad for lunch one of the days (while standing in the pool) and it was delicious!

We did a lot of lounging around at the Adult Pool for the entirety of our weekend and I made a very valiant effort at getting a tan. It was my weekend mission to 1) have fun and 2) come home a darker shade of pale, but still blister-free. Happily, I can report that I did, in fact, get a nice tan, and I didn’t even require Aloe Vera gel afterward! HA! Of course, none of this was done without the obligatory vacation cocktails, which in my opinion, should always be something fruity and delicious. Both the Las Palmas Lemonade and the Piña Colada were fantastic; although, I should warn you, if you have too many Las Palmas Lemonades you might end up regretting it that evening. They really do taste just like lemonade! Stay hydrated with some delicious cucumber and lime infused water that’s available for free, poolside. Oh, and if you go to the adult pool, look for Julio. He was awesome! He took care of us all weekend! He kept us well fed and hydrated (with drinks of the adult variety) and we appreciated his humor and fun personality. The RLP team is lucky to have him.

Our intention, when we went to Rancho Las Palmas, was to relax at a great place in the desert; little did we know we were also going to a place where you could have unadulterated fun, the kind of fun you have when you’re about six years old and your face hurts so much from smiling. They have a miniature waterpark on the property, complete with a Lazy River, a splash park fittingly named Splashtopia, a couple of winding waterslides and the most perfect beach suitable for those of us with babies and toddlers. Naturally, I had to try out all of these attractions for research purposes and then I continuously sailed along the Lazy River, to ensure that all guests were, in fact, having a good time; you know, for research purposes.

During my stay, it became very clear that no number of photographs would clearly illustrate our stay at the Rancho Las Palmas Resort. However, I certainly tried to illustrate it as best I could. To make up for anything I might come to miss in my photos, I decided to create a short video to let you experience just a snippet of the awesomeness that I discovered while I was there.

After spending just a few short days at RLP, I’m certain of one thing: The Rancho Las Palmas Resort is a versatile resort capable of hosting both, adults looking for a relaxing stay, as well as families looking for a fun vacation spot with the kids. Palm Springs to me will no longer be our last-resort, staycation destination, but rather our number one vacation spot. Undoubtedly, I will be making future visits to Rancho Las Palmas with my best friends, as well as creating new memories there with my family.

RLP, I’ll be back!


  1. An old friend of mine stays there with her family at least 3x a year and I've been itching to check it out! It looks amazing!

  2. I have been planning a girls' weekend in my head for months now...and I keep looking for the right date and the right place, and you totally just put a bug in my ear! Thanks for the info!

  3. Looks like so much fun!!! I need some adult time haha

  4. This place looks awesome!! Can't wait to check it out .... in need of a relaxing staycation :)

  5. What a beautiful hotel! I looks so relaxing there and the weather is always so nice in Palm Springs. Cheers!


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