Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How to Cope During Cold & Flu Season

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My favorite time of year is Fall, however, the spirit of the holidays is always dampened by the certainty of cold and flu season.  Every year, between the months of September to March there is a cloud looming over our home that carries with it, big, nasty germs, far too large for my two little guys.  Both of my sons suffer from seasonal allergies, so adding cold and flu viruses to that just prolongs the length of time we must wipe runny noses, dab watery eyes and crank on the breathing machine. (God, I hate the sight of that breathing machine!).

To pacify their sick-day jitters, and to prevent frying their brain cells by allowing them to watch TV all day, I help my kids battle their colds with two secret weapons:  Kleenex and an army of board games! (OK, maybe three secret weapons, if you count the UV wand that, allegedly, kills all the germs in my house, but really just gives me peace of mind.)

This time of year, you can find a box of Kleenex tissues in every room of my house.  Yes, every room. (But, I have a small house.)  In fact, I went to Target last week, specifically to stock up on Kleenex, since a couple of the boxes in our house had run out!

We even keep a travel size pack of Kleenex in our son's school backpack.  We like for him to be prepared at school, while we are not with him.  We also like to prevent what I like to call, "the green sleeve".

Once one of my boys (or both) goes down with a cold, I head for the hall closet and dust off board game classics, like Candyland, Cooties (fittingly so), Trouble and Hungry Hungry Hippos.  Obviously, day one of ColdFest can be full of sleeping, whining and drinking fluids.  But, once they start to feel their best, we have board game marathons!  And the combination of fun and distraction, I feel, makes them feel better just a little faster than the alternative: laying on the couch and wiping boogers on the cushions.

So there you have it!  My secret to battling cold and flu season: board games!

When you head to Target now, to stock up on all the best, age-appropriate games for your kids, here's a $1 off coupon for a Kleenex 4-pack or larger.  You too, can help prevent "green sleeve"!  Carry on, warriors!  Carry on!

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