Friday, December 13, 2013

My Holidays will be Deux Lux!

Have you completed your holiday shopping yet?  I certainly have not!  There are a few people on my list that are just too difficult to shop for.  I’m sure we all have those people on our holiday gift lists that don’t “want anything” or seem to not like anything either.  My mom is one of those people.  Every year I give her a sweater or a piece of jewelry or even a gift card, and somehow she never ends up wearing any of it or spending it.  She’s the person I’ve considered just stuffing an envelope with money and saying, “Here!  Go buy yourself something you WANT.” 

Well, this year I’m excited because I discovered a new brand of handbags and jewelry she might actually love; Deux Lux! 

Deux Lux is a glam, edgy and animal-friendly brand that designs the most beautiful accessories; from handbags, clutches, weekend bags and jewelry.  The bags are made of synthetic, animal-free, faux leather, but with all the durability that leather brings.  These bags retail from $60 to over $200 and can be found at retailers like Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, SHOPBOP, ModCloth and Nasty Gal.

I was lucky enough to receive two gorgeous Deux Lux bags recently and I must say I am so impressed.  The bags are beautiful, fashionable and incredibly spacious.  For date nights and evenings out I got the Empress Clutch in black.  The size is ideal for stylish mamas who like to carry a nice bag, but still need to carry mommy essentials like tissue, a cell phone, an actual camera, snacks and the like.  They’re also perfect for fashionistas who love to carry their makeup bags, mints, various lipsticks, a small toothbrush, a large wallet and other essentials for a night out.  Now you see why I love these bags.  They’re perfect for anyone, really.  And I know my mom would love a couple of them!

There’s also a great weekend getaway bag (carry-on size) that is spacious and contains zippers and compartments inside to serve as both your carry-on bag and your purse during travel.  Deux Lux’s Weekender line of bags is ideal for those of us that like to look stylish while traveling, yet still are able to carry everything we need for our trip.  I got the Bleecker Weekender bag in Olive and it’s beautiful!  It has a faux snakeskin look and feel on the outside, with a very roomy interior 

For you Oprah lovers, like me, you’ll be impressed to know that the Anais Weekend Satchel was featured in Oprah’s Favorite Things list last year!

Go check out the Deux Lux site and start picking out those holiday items that are still missing from your list of gifts to give!  Who knows, you might like them so much you’ll end up doing your best Oprah voice and saying, “You get a bag, and you get a bag and you get a bag! Everybody gets a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag!” 

Currently there are TWO coupon codes available for you to use on your holiday shopping!  The first one can be used from now until tomorrow, Sunday, December 15th.  Just use code: HOLIDAY20 to receive 20% off any item (excluding sale items).

If you like the Weekender bags, Whimsy & Wise followers can go to the Deux Lux site on December 20th and use code: WKDBREAK50 to get 50% off any Weekender bag (excluding sale items).

So what are you waiting for?  Head over now to finish your holiday shopping!  Buy yourself something cute while you’re there!  

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