Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cowabunga Dude! It's a TMNT Birthday Party!

I'm a little embarrassed to tell you about this small 5th birthday party I had for my son. You see, it was so long ago that he is now closer to turning 6! So why don't I just move and tell you what I did to make his party Turtle-y Awesome!

The party, at the request of my husband, was more down-scaled, in order to save us all from the displeasure of putting up with me in the weeks leading up to the party (I'll leave that for another post.).  My son, also requested a party at "one of the jumpy places", which I think my husband and I both were thankful for.  Despite the party being at a public location, I still wanted his love of the Ninja Turtles to really be evident.  My emphasis was on the centerpieces, which I made myself, and on the balloons and banner, which I ordered from etsy shop: A Pretty Little Party.  The food was pizza, since it had to go with the theme, and I got a cake and cupcakes from Cynthia's Cakes.  The cake pops were from Cake Pops by Janine.  You can tell by his reaction when he walked into the room, that the party was a success!

For the centerpieces, I wanted to make something cost-effective, but still tying in with the theme.  These were SO easy to make!  If I could make them, you could make them!  Here is what you will need for ONE centerpiece:
  • (1) terracotta pot
  • Black Terracotta paint
  • (2) Small sponge brushes to paint the pot and foam ball
  • round styrofoam balls (4-pack available at Michael's)
  • green paint for styrofoam
  • (1) dowel
  • Ribbon in the color of your choice for foam ball and pot
  • (2) small wiggly eyes
  • Hot glue gun

When you have all your supplies, you'll want to paint the pot first.  If you use black, one coat will do.  Put that aside and let dry.  Next, stick the dowel in the foam ball and start painting the TMNT head green.  Place the foam ball, still on the dowel, in a vase, or in the pot, if it's already dry. These craft paints are quick-drying.  With your hot glue gun, glue the ribbon around the top (or bottom) of the pot.  For the mask of the TMNT, pre-measure a long strand of ribbon, hot glue it around the foam ball, then tie a double knot to make it look like it was just loosely tied around the ball.  Dab two drops of glue on the ribbon, and place your two wiggly eyes on.

To make the dowel stay without moving, you might want to buy one of those floral foam blocks (find at the Dollar Tree).  You can cut it to the right size, using a knife then place in the pot.  Cover the floral foam with shredded paper or even gift tissue paper.  Place whatever you'd like in the pot, or leave as is.

Voila! A TMNT Centerpiece!

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