Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Netflix: It's a Verb and It's Also My Best Friend

*This post is sponsored by Netflix, however, all opinions are my own.*

As a parent, there are times when you need time of your own, time to complete unfinished work or time to hear silence after a really long day.  Ideally, having my kids go outside to play would work, however, lately, that ends in tears five minutes later and at least one kid in time out.

Recently, we've found that allowing each one of our boys to pick a show or movie on Netflix helps to settle them down, allows me and my husband to get things done in the house and on good nights, even allows us to have an uninterrupted conversation during a dinner out with our family.  Yes, we are sometimes those parents; the ones that hand their kids their phones in hopes of getting them to quiet down while in public, if only for just a few minutes.  You can imagine my excitement, then, when Netflix asked me to become part of their #StreamTeam and #NetflixKids partnership; a group of bloggers that uses Netflix with their families on a regular basis.  Well.....((raises hand)) that's us!  We Netflix via iPad, laptop and iPhone! {And yes, I just used Netflix as a verb.}  Just last afternoon, I sent my boys to watch Netflix on the iPad (Special Agent Oso was the show of choice) while I cleaned the house!  Brilliant!

With Netflix's newly added shows and movies for kids, I know my boys will be entertained and the content will be appropriate for them; especially since I set parental controls on my account so as to avoid them "stumbling" on anything they shouldn't be watching.  Yes, you can set parental controls!  Amazing!  Netflix has also added new content for adults, too.  There's a few new shows on there that are Netflix-only shows, like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.  Basically, Netflix has revamped their content and is now streaming amazing content for adults, while also providing a new selection for children.  It's a win-win!  Now, excuse me while I go pour myself some wine and start watching House of Cards.  {OK, maybe my boys win....I'm really watching Special Agent Oso. Whatever!}


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