Monday, May 12, 2014

10 Reasons Why You Need to Experience the Color Run & 8 Tips You Need to Know Before You Do

I've done numerous races, from 5K's to Disney themed half marathons; and while they've all been very fun and entertaining (yes, I said entertaining), none have made me as jump-up-and-down-and-dance-until-you-are-sweaty HAPPY as The Color Run did this past weekend.  Seriously.  It was THAT fun!  Their tagline refers to it as "The Happiest 5K on the Planet", and it undoubtedly is just that.  I highly recommend that everyone experience this race.  Here's why:

  1. There's no pressure of competition:  Yes, you are wearing bibs with numbers on them.  And while that's often used to identify racers in a competitive run, the bibs here are simply a formality, I think.  There are no timing chips embedded in the bibs, which means you are not being timed.  This race is merely for fun and it truly accomplishes its purpose.  
  2. The race is all ages:  I saw kids as little as one year old and up riding along in strollers and wagons, happily getting colored on throughout the course.
  3. Registration fees are low:  Unlike other races, this race has a low cost registration fee.  If you are able to find a coupon code for your city's race (try Retail Me Not, or Google "The Color Run" and the name of your city) you can pay as little as $35.
  4. They provide a partial uniform:  In my very fancy registration bag, I received a white shirt (perfect for getting color on it), a sweatband headband, bracelet and removable tattoos.  If you don't have white bottoms, you can buy shorts in The Color Run store, online, for just $10.
  5. Fun for the whole family:  Like I said before, the race was all ages, which allows for fun to be had by all.  And kids 5 and under run for FREE!  They don't get the goodie bag, but that's OK because you can buy those things online if you really want them.
  6. You don't have to be an avid runner to participate:  Because I was having so much fun and we didn't want the fun to end, my friend Becky and I walked about half of the race.  We slowly made our way through each color stop, to make sure we got sprinkled with "happy"!  A majority of the Color Runners were walking….so I guess we should call ourselves the Color Walkers! HA!
  7. The color powder is safe:  I was wondering, before the race, what the color powder was made of and how safe it could possibly be.  Well, fear not my friends!  The color powder is dyed corn starch and is 100% natural.  Now, don't get all crazy and try to eat it, because that's just cray!  But you may very likely get some in your mouth (and up your nose…..A LOT of it will end up, UP your nose).
  8. You get to party at the finish line:  There's no alcohol at the end of the race (yes, some races have alcohol afterward), but you do get some water and your very own packet of color powder!  Then you head over to the stage and wait for the party to start! It's SO AWESOME!!! (sorry, but I am yelling!)  There's a "Color Throw" every 15 minutes!
  9. You'll want to run The Color Run AGAIN!:  We had such an amazing time that we are signing up for The Color Run in Los Angeles on June 21st.  Can you say, "addicted to HAPPY"?!
  10. You'll look like a unicorn threw up on you:  No, I don't know what unicorn puke looks like, but I imagine that it looks like rainbow happiness!

So did I convince you to register yet?! (And by the way, The Color Run has not asked me to write this post, nor are they sponsoring it in any way.  I just want everyone to experience pure happiness in the form of a fun, family activity that promotes health and happiness. Period.)  Well, now that you're participating in The Color Run, here are a few tips you should know to avoid having the color ruin your day, in any way.  You can thank me later.:

  1. Leave all personal items in your car: There is no bag check for this race, which means you should only bring your car key and your phone or camera with you.  Don't bring anything you'd mind carrying for 3.1 miles.
  2. Bring two sandwich-sized Ziplock bags for your phone or camera:  I highly recommend you protect your phone by placing it in a Ziplock sandwich bag.  My friend Becky, was kind enough to bring one for me and I was ever so grateful!  The powder could get in places that it doesn't need to be, potentially damaging it permanently.  After the race, the Ziplock bag you started with will be EXTRA dusty and even sweaty on the outside.  At the finish line there will be photos and videos you'll want to take, but the bag could make it blurry, since it will be dirty.  Stash the 2nd plastic bag in your sock and use it at the finish line.  You'll have a clean bag to allow you to capture the ensuing mayhem, there!
  3. Wear sunglasses or goggles:  I wore sunglasses that I got in The Color Run store, online, for $5 and I was so glad I did!  There were a couple close calls where I thought the powder was close to my eyes, but luckily, the glasses protected me enough.
  4. Bring a change of clothes for the post-race car ride home:  Riding home in your sweaty and very colorful attire, might be uncomfortable since the sweat/color combo could turn it into a bit of a paste.  Bring at least a different shirt to change into, and flip flops to ride home in.  Your shoes will be covered in color!
  5. Bring your swag bag:  I brought my swag bag to place my rainbow-puked clothes and shoes into. The plastic-y material is perfect for that.
  6. Keep your hair out of your face:  Your hair will get covered in color powder.  You don't want to have it loose and in your face, as it will just serve as a type of powder puff throughout the run.  And that's just annoying!
  7. Wear sunscreen:  For obvious reasons, I suggest you wear sunscreen.  But don't spray it on right before going through a color stop.  That might make a cake-y, but colorful, mess.
  8. Bring towels and/or blankets to protect your car seats:  I brought two towels to protect my own car seat and Becky brought a large blanket that she didn't mind wasting in her washing machine when she got home. (And don't worry!  The powder washes out easily.)  So, I recommend 1-2 towels per person or one large blanket per person.  You'll be messy and sweaty and your local car washer will thank me later.  If your car washer is your husband, he'll thank me too!  :)

The Color Run truly is "The Happiest 5K on the Planet"! I hope you decide to participate in The Color Run and to experience it with friends and/or family!  You'll be so glad you did! To see a list of participating cities, click HERE.  

Happy running, friends!


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