Monday, June 23, 2014

My Summer Bucket List

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Now that my boys are getting a little older, we no longer require a giant diaper bag to go anywhere and they can actually appreciate our family outings, it is my mission to make sure they have fun and memorable summers.  Since my husband and I work in education, we have flexible summers, so I've already jam packed our summer to include a few of the following activities.  I'm hoping we cross them all off of our list, but #3 is a non-negotiable:

  1. Spend at least 2 days a week at the pool:  My kids don't know how to swim just yet.  We're working on it, but boy do they love to be in the water!  They're like little fish! Aside from making them extra tan, spending a couple days a week at the pool is sure to make them two very happy little boys!
  2. Make one dinner on the BBQ grill at least once a week:  We recently moved into a larger home, to celebrate, my husband got himself a new grill.  We have been using that thing a lot on the weekends (and even during the week), so our gaol this summer is just to keep that up!  The kids devour their dinner when it comes off the grill, so we'll continue to encourage that.  
  3. Go to Knott's Berry Farm to ride the newly re-opened Calico Mine Co. ride:  Knott's Berry Farm is a popular Southern California theme park and they have recently made some new upgrades and redesigns to the park.  Among the many things they've remodeled is the ever popular Calico Mine Co. ride, which is a Knott's Berry Farm staple.  It's been a ride at Knott's since 1960!  Among the upgrades are numerous animated figures, high tech lighting and audio, as well as new special effects to highlight a truly authentic 8-minute long, mining journey.  If you go this summer, look for me on the Calico Mine Co. train ride!  I'll be the one with the two handsome boys screaming their heads off with happiness!
  4. Go hiking as a family:  Like I said before, we recently moved, and the community we moved into has an awesome hiking trail.  Naturally, we plan on becoming regulars on that trail.
  5. Take a stay-cation to Palm Springs:  We want to take the boys on a vacation, but I am currently working on my husband.  You see, I am trying to convince him that we need to take a cruise with the kids in 2015.  So in order to make that happen, we have to downsize on this year's vacation.  My idea was a trip to Palm Springs.  BRILLIANT!  (And since it's the desert, we will also be working on item #1. Two birds, one stone! Double BRILLIANT!)
  6. Have individual date days/nights with each of our boys:  I really have been wanting to take each of my boys on an individual date, so that quality time could be spent with each of them individually.  I think it's important to let each of them have time alone with us and vice versa.  This summer is the time to make this happen.
  7. Take the kids to the zoo:  My boys love going to the zoo and we haven't been since the days when we used double strollers and diaper bags.  A trip there now that they're older is sure to be a fun learning experience.
  8. Take more pictures…with a REAL camera:  I need to take more pictures with a real camera, instead of just my phone.  The phone pictures typically just end up staying in the deep abyss of my Camera Roll, or in my laptop, never to be printed or seen again.  I'd like to change that and this bucket list is the perfect way to do it!
 What are you planning to do this summer?  What family activities should I add to my bucket list?

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