Thursday, June 26, 2014

What I'm Watching Right Now...

In our house we have one TV.  Just one.  It was a conscious choice we made when we first got married, 8 years ago.  We had read somewhere that couples who had televisions in their bedrooms were more likely to grow apart as time went on, than those that left the bedroom solely for sleeping (and other activities of leisure….ahem!).  Now that we have children, we still have not found a true need for another TV.  We’ll see how long this all lasts!

That being said, my husband complains that once the kids go to bed, I like to hijack the TV and watch “dumb television” in order to recharge.  To him, that means reality shows, which in turn means he’s only able to watch what he wants to watch, which is Breaking Bad, while he’s at the gym on the Stair Master.  Years ago, I used to produce reality television and so my reality TV habits were justified by the fact that I was doing “research”.  However, he says that now I have no excuse and that I “continue to kill brain cells for no reason”.  Well, in an attempt to watch something he would like (he’s a former History teacher) I thought it would be fun to suggest we watch “House of Cards”, the new Netflix political drama series, together.  Guess what?!  Best idea EVER!!! 

We are five episodes in and we are hooked!  The show is a little dark, but the conniving politics illustrated throughout the series is SO good!  Kevin Spacey is outstanding in his role as politician Francis Underwood and Robin Wright is fierce as his ruthless and determined wife, Claire. His attempt to put himself in a position of power, after being overlooked for Secretary of State, leads Frank down a dark road of lies and manipulation.  This stuff is way better than tables being flipped and drinks being thrown on “The Real Housewives”!  (Do not tell my husband I just admitted that!).  

Once we’re done with House of Cards, my mission will be to get him hooked on Scandal.  I’ve managed to get a few of my friends on the Olivia Pope train and they are so grateful they did! All the hubs will need is a steamy Olivia and Fitz scene and he’ll be addicted.  (Choo! Choo!)   Come on, admit it!  It’s SO good!

I am so excited for the content currently available on Netflix!  This list of shows is excellent!

  • Orange is the New Black
  • Scandal
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Sherlock
  • Breaking Bad
  • Parenthood
If none of these seem to fit your viewing pleasure, try one of these sleeper hits:

  • Weeds
  • Call the Midwife
  • Freaks & Geeks
  • Shameless
  • Top of the Lake
What shows are you streaming right now?  Any you recommend?  I hear Orange is the New Black is excellent, so that’s next on my list!  

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