Monday, July 14, 2014

4 Ways to Save Money on Date Night

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It's always nice to go on a date night with my husband.  Getting that time to reconnect with him is crucial to our marriage.  Being able to have a conversation without begging someone to eat their dinner, or stop playing with their LEGO's, is pure bliss! However, sometimes, the mere cost of the date itself can end up being more than you would like it to be, especially when factoring in babysitting fees.  That's why I've come up with 4 tips to help you save money on your next date night.

  1. Have a lunch date, if a dinner date is just not budget-friendly: The majority of the major chain restaurants (and many non-franchise restaurants, as well) have Lunch Menus, which have slightly smaller portions and the cost is incredibly reasonable.
  2. Hunt/Tweet/Post and beg for coupons:  With technology, it is possible to be sitting in a restaurant and then search for a coupon of that place while you wait for your server to take your order.  In fact, I did it just two weeks ago when we took my husband's grandmother to lunch.  I ran a search of the name of the restaurant along with the word "coupon" and found a few coupons I could use.  We picked the best one we could find and showed it to the server.  Boom!  Instant savings!  You might also be able to uncover coupons when checking in on a social media platform.  Ask your server if there are any deals or discounts when giving social media mentions.
  3. Swap babysitting services with your friends/neighbors:  A while back, my girlfriends and I started a babysitting swap.  When we are in a bind, we ask each other for  a babysitting favor.  That same day that the favor is "cashed in", you book that friend for a babysitting date.  It's very simple!  And that way no one "feels bad" for asking a friend to watch your two crazy kids!  You'll be watching theirs soon, also!
  4. If you want to skip #1, #2 and #3, go on a date to BJ's Restaurant and use their new Mobile App, to take advantage of their "Dine In Order Ahead" feature.  You'll save time and babysitting fees!:  Not only can you head to BJ's Restaurant for amazing pizza, pasta and pizookie, but now you can go confidently knowing that you'll save money in babysitting fees, because you'll be saving a ton of time!  How, you ask?  With this new feature, you are able to Order Ahead from your phone, while at home, still giving your sitter last minute instructions.  You specify the time you'll arrive at the restaurant.  Once you check in at BJ's Restaurant to Dine In, your order is immediately queued in the kitchen.  Placing an order through the Dine In Order Ahead feature, in the Mobile App, automatically places you on a wait list, so your actual wait for a table at the restaurant is very minimal.  

If you're a frequent BJ's Restaurant customer, then you realize how valuable this Mobile App truly is!  My husband and I have already used it three times since we downloaded it less than a month ago and the amount of time saved is immense!  We used it last week when we hired a sitter, and we were back in less than two hours!  Not to mention, we made two pits stops during our "mini-date".  We took the hassle out of the ordering process, we got our drinks immediately, and we even saved time by paying for our meal without having to wait for the bill.  I used the Mobile Pay feature in the app and we were in and out of the restaurant in less than 40 minutes!

On Father's Day, we also used the BJ's Restaurant Mobile App, while we had our kids in tow.  On this day, we used the Dine In Order Ahead feature, as well as the Mobile Pay feature.  If you have kids, you know very well how torturous waiting for your food could be when you have antsy, hungry and cranky children.  Not to mention waiting for the check!  On this day, we didn't wait at all! I paid for the bill directly from my phone and then had the receipt emailed to me.  There was no waiting to get the server's attention or for the doom of a bill that never comes when you want it to.  Instead, I paid from my phone and we were on our way home!  It saved my sanity, my mood and my husband's Father's Day!

For my husband and I, we have been using the BJ's Restaurant Mobile App as a time and money-saving tool.  Paying for less than two hours of babysitting fees because we are saving at least an hour of time is huge!  And the fact that BJ's Restaurant realizes that our time is valuable makes me want to give them my business for being a conscious and thoughtful restaurant.  So, do yourself a favor (seriously) and download the BJ's Restaurant Mobile App NOW!  It's available in both iPhone and Android.  And on your first use, you save $5 on a $20 order AND you get a free pizookie!!!  Yes, free pizookie!  Now, if that's not a good motivator, I don't know what is!

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