Friday, August 29, 2014

Back to School Preparations around the Neighborhood

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My babies recently went back to school.  My oldest moved up to 1st grade in a new school, with new friends.  And my youngest started Pre-School just last week.  While I wasn't too concerned about my oldest son starting 1st grade at a new school, I was more concerned for my youngest baby to go to Pre-School, since he's been under the care of his grandparents for the last three and a half years.  His grandparents love and adore him and we all baby him, so my concern was more for him going off into a new setting and a new routine.

Although he saw his brother go to school the last couple years, and he often wanted to stay behind with his brother at school, I was still worried that he wouldn't adjust very well, as he is quite the mama's boy!!  To help him get an idea about what he would be learning in school (and to help me transition with the fact that my baby was going to school) I decided to use Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, on Netflix, as a learning tool.  Of course, I have done Pre-School workbooks, but I wanted to make the reality of Pre-School a little more visual.  I made sure to begin with Episode 1 of the series, which is called "Daniel Visits School/ Daniel Visits the Doctor".  I liked this episode A LOT because it gave a real-life (they used actual humans and not animated characters) illustration of what to expect at Pre-School from the minute they walk in the door, to their nap and play time.  It was all sorts of perfect for my little mama's boy!

In numerous episodes of Daniel Tiger, he is seen helping others, working out problems and demonstrating kindness and learning new things.  As painful as it can sometimes be to watch childrens' television, I must admit that I truly enjoyed this series. If you recall Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, from our childhood, then you'll remember the way in which you were taken on tours of crayon factories, shown how mail was arrived and eventually arrived at your door, or how students learned to play the violin.  Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood mixes the wholesome simplicity of real world occurrences inspired by one of our favorite childhood TV shows with creative visual animation.  It's a perfect way to teach my boy new things about learning and school.  Throughout the episodes we watched I would pause the show and ask him questions about what he saw.  Questions like:


He was so into the show, that most times I didn't need to ask any questions.  He would describe what he was seeing and ask questions along the way.

My older son watched numerous shows as he grew up, but I do not feel that any were as genuinely educational as this one.  He didn't take a liking to Sesame Street, but I know that for my youngest boy, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, on Netflix, has been everything I remember Sesame Street and Mister Roger's Neighborhood being for me.

I hope your kids' return to school is a great one!  Have a fantastic school year, friends!

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