Thursday, October 9, 2014

Camp Spooky at Knott's Berry Farm

*The activities and fun described in this post were made possible by Giga Savvy, however, all opinions are my own*

This past weekend, Camp Spooky was invaded by a couple of Shock Troopers and a pirate!  My cousin's family was in town from Cabo San Lucas.  After having experienced Hurricane Odile, just a couple weeks ago, and seeing serious damage done to their hometown, as well as damage to their home, a little fun was needed for everyone.  When he first got here, all my nephew talked about was the hurricane.  "The hurricane was so scary!", "I don't want to go home, Hurricane Odile is there!"


I couldn't think of a better distraction for my family, than some fun at Knott's Berry Farm's Camp Spooky! My boys knew they wanted a Star Wars costume, since my husband is molding hem into little sci-fi geeks. Not surprisingly, they chose to be Shock Troopers.  The minute we told my nephew that he needed a costume, he blurted, "Quiero ser pirata!"  (translation: I want to be a pirate!)  Anything you want, buddy.  Anything you want.  :)

To avoid the heat wave (yes, it's October and we're in a heat wave) we got to Knott's early and enjoyed breakfast with the Peanuts gang!

The two Shock Troopers and the pirate, had a blast raging their way through Camp Spooky.  They got to go through a maze and trick or treat at the end of it, they touched nasty bugs at Medusa's Bug Boutique (I stood very far away, during this activity), they experienced "Snoopy's Costume Party and Parade", and we rode the log ride and Calico Mine Ride as a family.  We had such a great day!  And the best part is, not a single child under 6 mentioned Hurricane Odile, that day!  It was amazing!!

After all that fun we had, it was exciting to hear that buying the 2015 season pass at Knott's Berry Farm, right now, includes discounts to Knott's Scary Farm and one visit during the 2014 season.  My cousin's wife even said she'd consider living here if it meant no hurricanes and being able to have a season pass to all of this fun!  Sounds to me like she's staying!  (well, maybe not, but they totally should stay!)   If you're looking to have fun with your family, and save money doing it, a 2015 Knott's season pass is a great option!  Especially right now!  You and your little monsters can experience Camp Spooky NOW, then enjoy all of 2015!

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