Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Mini Milestone: I'm getting organized and taking names!

Something awesome happened last month!!  I started to get organized.  Now, I don't mean completely organized, because well, there's just no way that would be possible in the span of just one month.  However, I was inspired by my fellow Netflix StreamTeamer (yup! I just made that a word) Kelly Ladd Sanchez of KLS Crafts to finally get organized when it comes to my kids' class work, art work, etc.  Kelly made a milestone memory box (which is quite a brilliant idea, by the way!) to store her son's personal mementos, photos, medals, rocks and anything else he feels is memorable and special.  I thought, after seeing this, that I might finally create the files for each of my boys where I could store SOME of their school work, art work and awards for each school year.

You know how kids come home with a million pieces of paper to show you and then it's always more stuff than you have space for in their baby books? Well, this is a serious problem in my house and something I had been striving to conquer for some time now. Over a year ago, I had seen a pin on Pinterest of a file storage organizer case for each child, that is sorted by school year, from grades Pre-School to 12th grade.  You keep only the most essential items in order to avoid overstuffing the organizer with unnecessary paperwork.  I got the free printable label templates from Kierste over at Simply Kierste.  She has templates in color schemes for both boys and girls, and printing them is SUPER easy!  Then I bought two file organizers at WalMart for under $10, the hanging file folders (24 ct) were $8 and the manila folders were $8 for 50 folders.  This is quite a steal

With Kelly's inspiration of organizing her son's milestones, I managed to simultaneously organize an organizer for my sons' special things, while at the same time completing a personal milestone and FINALLY getting organized.  As a mom, I feel that I am the personal memory keeper of the household.  Unless I make an effort in retaining all these memories in a clear and organized manner, my kids will not have all of these things to remind them of their childhood and to show their kids.  Now, if only I could tackle the photo organization issue on my computer I'd complete a MAJOR milestone.  That task is next!  For now, I'll continue working on filling these beauties!

*I was provided compensation as a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam, however, all opinions are my own.*

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