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Sleepover at Lorimar Winery in Temecula

*Although I received a weekend of fun, all opinions are my own and I plan on going back to Lorimar Winery to relive every second, every taste and every drink.*

Last month I was fortunate enough to join a few of my bloggy friends for a fun weekend full of wine tasting and fun.  Sharon, from Cupcakes & Cutlery invited a few of her favorite bloggers to join her on a fun, weekend sleepover at the Lorimar Winery.  I honestly cannot tell you how much fun I had……well, I mean, I can because I'm about to tell you just what a great time it was.  But, seriously, the weekend in Temecula was amazing.  I got to spend it with a group of awesome women who all share a love of blogging, fashion and family.  {Bloggers in attendance were: Sharon from Cupcakes & Cutlery, Lauren from A Fabulous Fete, Natalie of Mint Love Social Club, Heather form River and Bridge, Bri from Mamages, Sarah & Nicole from Simply Happenstance}

It started out on a Friday morning, where we arrived at the Lorimar Coach House.  This home is so beautiful and just perfect for fun with friends (or vacation with family).  From the moment I drove onto the gravel driveway lined with trees  and flanked by a rustic fence you see only in the movies, I knew this place was going to be a blast!  The Lorimar Coach House is located directly behind the Lorimar Winery and is perfectly situated for a wine tasting weekend. With its beautiful four bedrooms and three bathrooms, the Coach House is able to sleep eight people comfortably.  The interior is gorgeous and has modern decor, furniture and appliances and is just beautiful!  The front door opens to it's own pond and a gorgeous view of the Lorimar vineyards!  I'm trying to convince my girlfriends that we need to celebrate something here, just so I can go back and enjoy the sunrise over Lorimar, again!

When we arrived on Friday, Sharon and Lauren greeted us with gift bags full of fun things from Tiny Prints, the Flair Exchange and Melissa Creates.  They also had included cute, hand made friendship bracelets for each of us to wear.  As soon as all the girls arrived and were settled in, we headed off to Lorimar to begin our day of tasting and fun.  The staff picked us up and drove us through the vineyard, to Lorimar Winery, in golf carts.  That was fun in itself and we loved being able to be up close with the grapes we were about to taste.  Patrick, the General Manager, greeted us at the winery and we LOVED him!  The guy is on point with his wine knowledge, but he gives it to you in easy-to-understand terms and with humor.  He made our wine tasting experience SO much fun!  He took us through the vineyards, all along the way, giving us tastes of the various wines he was telling us about.

After our tour at Lorimar, we were picked up by Limelite Limousine.  The limo was perfect for our group of eight.  The lights and music inside were great for our afternoon drive.  Who doesn't love a little Taylor Swift to "shake things off"?! Brendan, our driver, had us all set up with water, inside, which we all appreciated, sine we needed to hydrate for a day full of wine tasting.  No one likes a headache after a day of fun.  He also managed to keep us on schedule throughout the day, as he would manage the time for us and let us know when it was time to move on to the next activity on our itinerary.

Our first stop of the day was to Leoness Cellars for a delicious lunch, complete with wine tasting directly at the table.  Aside from the wine, my most favorite part of our lunch were the fries!!!  Prosciutto Fries, Truffle Fries, Traditional English Salt & Vinegar Fries, Melted Gorgonzola Fries….basically, we ate ALL.  OF.  THE.  FRIES!!!  They're amazing!!!  And paired with wine, it was heavenly.

After our lunch,  Brendan came to meet us at our table and he walked us through the vineyards and back to the limo.  Naturally, when you put eight bloggers in a vineyard, there's bound to be eight different photo sessions going on, all at the same time!  HA!

Our next stop was the Wiens Family Cellars and while our time here was short, we were able to enjoy the wines they had to offer.  My favorites were the Dulce Maria and the Rosé Grenache.  I highly recommend those if you're partial to white wines.

Once we finished up our array of tastings at Wiens, we headed back to the Coach House to prep for the dinner that Lorimar was catering for us in their private tasting room.  We also needed to recharge and hydrate.  {Hydration is KEY on a weekend like this, friends.}

While Lorimar Winery does not have a restaurant on site, they still managed to provide us the most spectacular dinner.  Our friends at Lorimar had Vineyard Gourmet Catering come in and treat us to the most fantastic dinner I've had in a really long time!  Every single course of our meal {of which there were several} had a specific wine pairing with the Lorimar Wines.  The chef would come out and tell us about the ingredients in each course and why and how they pair with the specific wines served.  It was so delicious and so educational.  It was interesting to really think about all the ingredients that were put into the meal and the various flavors of the wines we were tasting.  The last time I thought that way was during my honeymoon, in Italy, back in 2006.

The dinner was a great opportunity for all us girls to chat some more and get to know each other IRL (in real life).  Although by this time we had enjoyed plenty of wine, we all were already having a BLAST!  The dinner just allowed us to truly enjoy each other over an amazing meal.

Once our dinner was over we headed back to the Coach House to get the Sleepover part of our trip underway.  Of course, there were giggles and laughs, selfies and fun.  It was so nice to get to know an entirely different group of girls in a setting that didn't involve being behind a computer screen and a keyboard.  I am so appreciative of the time we had over this wonderful weekend.

The next morning, we got ready to leave the Coach House {cue my broken heart} and head to Old Town Temecula for breakfast at E.A.T Marketplace and a walking tour, courtesy of  E.A.T was beyond anything like where I've ever eaten.  I cannot say enough of this amazing restaurant!  It was simply delicious.  If you've never been to E.A.T, now is the time, friends!  I'll be going there over this winter break, just to have breakfast! My sole purpose to drive to Temecula will be ONLY to have breakfast here! They have a focus on obtaining the foods and ingredients they serve from local ranches and organic farms.  They make a true and conscious effort to serve only the best ingredients in every dish, and as a food lover, I really appreciated their effort.  The Chef (and owner) Leah Delyte Di Bernardo, would come and formally "introduce" each dish.  There was a story to every dish; a why and how.  She ran down every ingredient and told us where it came from.  She even introduced us to farmer Paul form Primal Pastures, who raises the chickens that E.A.T uses in their dishes.  It was amazing to witness their passion for locally grown, wholesome food and Chef Leah's desire to give every individual walking through E.A.T's doors the most fantastic and wholesome gastronomical experience.  I sincerely loved everything, so let me just tell you what I think you should order, when you go:  the coffee.  Just drink the coffee.  It comes from Washington state, it's harvested on Mondays and delivered to E.A.T on Wednesdays.  I don't know if it gets any fresher than that!  Also, do yourself a favor and order The Funky Monkey smoothie, the Jungle Love smoothie, Chicken and Waffles, Almond Cakes and Eggs Benedict.  Order all of it.  All. Of. It.  {I'm hungry just thinking about it!}

After our breakfast, Marlene from, took us on a walking tour of Old Town Temecula.    We got to experience many local Temecula businesses, including the Old Town Spice Merchant, Old Town Sweet Shop, Temecula Lavender Company, and the Temecula Olive Oil Company, where we were treated to an olive oil tasting session that reminded me of my honeymoon.  I loved the olive oil so much, I took a bottle of the Roasted Garlic Olive Oil to enjoy as a dip for veggies.  YUM!!!

We packed so many activities into just two shorts days, but we savored every moment and truly enjoyed every mouth watering taste of the weekend.  It was phenomenal!  Huge thank you to Sharon for including me, and to all the people at Lorimar Winery who helped orchestrate this fun-filled weekend.  I'll certainly be going back to Lorimar with my girlfriends.  I've already told them all about what a great time we had on our #LorimarSleepover, they've begged me to take them there the next time I go.  As a good friend, I will be forced to oblige.

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