Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My 12 Favorite Romantic, Date-Night Movies on Netflix

You've heard me talk about it a few times here: date nights.  And I've even mentioned day dates.  I often hear friends and co-workers tell me that they don't have dates often enough because they just can't get a sitter or would prefer not to pay a ton of money on a sitter, only to then pay a ton of money on dinner and a movie.

With Netflix, the hubs and I are able to have date nights at home, after the kids go to bed, and way more frequently.  We have the best snacks accompanied with wine (or beer for the mister).  For our snacks, I love going on Pinterest and searching "date night snacks" and attempting to make whatever snacks come up, that seem actually doable and edible.  Lately I've been making specialty popcorns, like one I found that was a delicious Dill & Garlic combination.  There was also a really great chili powder and lemon popcorn, that is actually making my mouth water as I type.  So delicious!  

Once we get the snack situation ready, one of us (we take turns every other time) gets dibs at choosing the movie for that date night.  Naturally, the movies he picks are totally sci-fi, or fast-paced, dramatic thrillers.  My choices typically consist of romantic comedies, or just plain romantic films!  Here are 12 of my favorite romantic, date-night movies, currently streaming on Netflix:

1.  Silver Linings Playbook
2.  One Day
3.  Hitch
4.  Fools Rush In
5.  The Sweetest Thing
6.  Notting Hill

7.  Sliding Doors
8.  Dirty Dancing
9.  Pretty in Pink
10.  Safe Haven
11. Sleepless in Seattle
12.  Legends of the Fall

Currently, my favorite of those movies is Fools Rush In.  I think it reminds me of me and my husband.  Especially the scene where Isabel's family (Salma Hayek's character) takes Alex (Matthew Perry's character) out to the desert and he ends up in cactus and drowning the subsequent pain from that in a bottle of tequila.  The cactus part never happened in our situation, but the crazy cousins giving the hubs too much tequila, certainly did happen, on more than one occasion on our vacations to Mexico City.  

So what movie will you be watching on your next date night in?  What is your snack of choice for movie nights with your honey?  The next snack I will be trying are the bacon wrapped dates?!  They have bacon, so they have to be good….right?!

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  1. Great list of movies! Pretty in Pink and Dirty Dancing will always have a special place on my list for date night movies! Also perfect for a girls night in!


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