Friday, July 31, 2015

The West Wing is my jam

I've always said that if I had to do it over again, I would major in Political Science and dabble in politics. I'd go work in The White House, change policy, help people and be a bad ass politician. I'd wear amazing outfits, a la Olivia Pope and I'd be influential on The Hill. However, I didn't major in Poli Sci, instead I majored in Sociology, worked in the TV industry for a number of years, and now I'm on my way to starting a Master's Program in Educational Counseling. C'est la vie! 

Recently, I've been watching a number of shows on Netflix that leave me wishing I really had taken up a career in politics.  Of course, Scandal is my favorite, but have you seen The West Wing?! It's so good. I never got into it when it was originally on, but that's because it first aired in 1999.  I had just graduated high school and was about to start my Freshman year at UCLA (Go Bruins!). My TV watching, back then, consisted of Friends, Beverly Hills 90210 and Survivor.   

I'm only on Season One of The West Wing, but I love all the political talk, the witty back-talk and the over idealized liberal politics. I feel like it is an accurate representation of what it must be like to work in The White House, even now. It's bittersweet to see the world in a pre-9/11 point of view. The biggest topic of foreign policy they've discussed thus far is a war between India and Pakistan. If only Aaron Sorkin knew what was to come in two years. The world was about to change so drastically and no one knew it. 

What I also enjoy about this show are the awesome 90's references. In one of the episodes, CJ Cregg (Alison Janney) mentions doing research for a particular topic by looking in the Encyclopedia Brittanica. What is that you ask?! Google it! Another story line was about how a major story was about to be leaked to the press. The night before the story was revealed during a press conference, it was posted online. The Press Secretary walked in to tell the Chief of Staff that although the story was officially coming out the next day, it was on the Internet and "by tomorrow, everyone will know". My husband laughed at that line! He was like,"What YEAR is this supposed to be?! If it's on the Internet there's no need for that press conference! HA!!"  If anything, watching for the late 90's references is a lot of fun...and it also makes you feel old! Womp, womp, wommmmmmp! 

So if you like political dramas, and if you, too, were still considered a teenager when The West Wing first aired, then you must watch this show. Your now old self will thank you for it! Can't wait to hear how much you love it! (Big thanks to my friend Megan, for recommending the show. It's pretty awesome!!)

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  1. Lovely post!! I just loved reading through this post. In my childhood I also wanted to be a politician but my interest got changed later and I became a party planner. Now I am going to start my own planning firm and initially would work at the local party venues in Chicago.


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