Monday, August 31, 2015

Dinotrux are the new kids on the Netflix block!

Netflix is on a roll!!  A couple weeks ago, Netflix debuted yet another DreamWorks Animation Original Series; Dinotrux.  This new animated series is all that little boys' dreams are made of: Dinosaurs and Construction vehicles!!!

If your kids are anything like mine, they love all things dinosaur related.  They know every obscure dinosaur fact and could easily be considered a walking dinosaur encyclopedia.  They also LOVE construction trucks, bulldozers, cranes and anything else that can build and destroy things.  Well, DreamWorks so cleverly created this animated series from the Chris Gall children's book series.  The series is set in the Mechazoic Era with hybrid characters like Ty Rux, Revvit, Skya, Ton-Ton and many more.  Together, these Dinotrux characters venture off to teach viewers how it's possible to live together, accept each other and work together.  Through their adventures and their subsequent friendships created with the RepTools, they discover they can change the world.

My boys have been on Dinotrux-repeat all weekend and I love that they've found something other than a Star Wars related animation.  To celebrate, Netflix sent me some fun Dinotrux themed gifts and I had a small scavenger hunt for them to get them excited for Ty Rux and his pals!

Are your littles watching Dinotrux too??  Who's their favorite character?


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